Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunday, Bill Whittle at the WCS July 28, 2013

Progressives stress three things:
1. All wealth is unearned:  thus tax rates can go to 120% and it's OK, because the wealthy have "stolen" the wealth anyway!  A natural extension is that people with wealth are "evil" because they "have more than their fair share"! This is why the President stresses the "good fortune" of wealthy people and why they should pay more taxes. Putting in 18 hour days for years of course has NOTHING to do with success, right?

2. Everyone's "special"....meaning NO ONE is special! Therefore, no reason to strive to excel, right? No reason to set goals or engage in hard work "to get ahead", (after all, that would make those whom you've gotten ahead of "look bad"! That makes you a "selfish" person)!
All you have to do is "show up", and everyone gets a trophy, we all waltz across the finish line at the same time, holding hands, singing "Kum Bah Yah!" After all, we don't want winners and losers, because it might "hurt someone's  feelings"....It's why the progressive women in British schools have done away with intramural sports.

3. "We're just here to help!" But it all boils down to we give YOU "free shit", and in exchange, you give us your vote and your freedom!

The Conservative answer:
1. Freedom
2. Private Property
3. Virtue

1. Freedom: do you want to be "left alone" or do you want someone "telling you what to do?" Or better yet, do YOU like "telling people what to do?" This is what "Freedom" is all about! One must NOT take it for granted!

2. Private Property: if you are a true socialist, then you subscribe to "from all according to their ability, to each according to their need", right?  Well, then, give us your smart phone. We will sell it and give the $100 to some homeless person downtown!  What? You are reluctant to give up your smart phone? You're being "greedy, selfish, and not caring for the poor!" Maybe you're more conservative than you'll admit! It's not OK to be "generous with someone else's money"!

3. Virtue:  this means "don't be a jerk"!Have respect for someone's space, property and to keep your word. Everyone hates a "Buddy fucker", do they not? Yet the Progressives teach the school kids to inform on their parents and their friends if they are "not environmentally sensitive" by not recycling the trash or if they say politically incorrect things.  Is this not akin to the Communist Young Pioneers, or the Hitler Jugend?  Totalitarianism and freedom are incompatible.

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