Thursday, July 4, 2013

Snowden Comments

It's one thing if an individual maliciously reveals harmful national security secrets. But it's quite another when whistle blowers blow the cover on official malfeasance that's been classified to cover up the crimes!  Right now, no one is discussing this aspect.

The President insists he needs the surveillance capability to "fight terrorism".  But I am beginning to suspect his definition of "terrorism" has nothing to do with National Security" and everything to do with using the machinery of government to hammer his political opponents!

We only have to recall the DHS paper that defined "potential terrorists" as:
  1. Veterans
  2. Church goers
  3. people who carry copies of the Constitution around
  4. gun owners
  5. Catholics
  6. Christian evangelists
None of these pose a National Security threat, but profound opposition to the Progressive agenda of "fundamental change" for America,  which apparently boils down to building a one party Marxist-Muslim State that would destroy our liberties and our prosperity.

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