Thursday, July 4, 2013

ACT Convention Notes

Check Face Book for "Islamophobia":
Congress people that support us:
Michelle Bachmann.  //unsupported by RINO's in the Republican Party and on her way out!
Louis Gohmert from OK
Jeff Duncan from TX

Indictments against Islamists quashed by the Holder DOJ, //no surprise there!
CAIR's 501c(3) status restored!   //Jihad against the American people is now tax deductible!
  • If we could get the MB designated as a terrorist organization, we could shut down their 4100 front organizations in the US and confiscate their assets!  Unfortunately, it's more likely WE will be designated a "terrorist organization" by them!
  • Most of their funding from overseas, and they only have 9500 members domestically. They are not an American Muslim civil rights group but an agent of foreign powers! Same for all the "Islamic Studies Depts" at all our major Universities.
Christian Copts are fleeing Egypt: persecution rampant, Churches in the West willfully blind, ignoring their Christian brothers and sisters in peril. The USCCB is too busy trying to dialogue!

Social media the prime communication device for Jihad.

ACT partnering with Guandolo Associates to develop a website entitled The Thin Blue Line. It will have information on Jihad in the US for local Law Enforcement Officers. It will be for law enforcement only. It's necessary owing to the coopting of the Federal Government by the Muslim Brotherhood and their success in scrubbing all information on Islamic Jihad from Federal websites and databases and training. (FBI training handled by ISNA, by the way).

This is why law enforcement is clueless and unable to recognize the danger signs with people like the Tsarnaev brothers. We need to understand the MB is waging total war against us to establish their global Caliphate.

ISNA, CAIR, MPAC, MSA....all MB front groups! They are advising the White House on how to handle "The Arab Spring". We will not turn this around by electing someone who will take care of it for us. We're facing "Civilizational Jihad":
  • Raising a generation of Jihadis with Islamic Supremacy attitude
  • Rendering our leaders witless  //check the "Still Stupid" box on our officials
  • Building infrastructure
  • Softening our secuity and our will to defend ourselves
  • Deception as to the threat
  • Boston Marathon bombing an indicator
  • Enforcement clueless to the signals
  • Opening offices in ALAC states, howling "victimhood"
  • 650 MSA chapters at US Universities
  • 2200 Islamic Centers //each of which is the "fortress of faith" Jihadi incubators
  • Financed by our own petrobillions and NAIT
  • Carlos Bledsoe a product of Islamic Ctr of Nashville, (incubated in Jihad there)
  • Tsarnaevs, Jihad incubatees of  Islamic Center of Boston, //FBI Director Freeh  unaware the center was started by Abdul Rachman Alamoudi, the AQ Financier who also started the Muslim Chaplain program for the Armed Services! Classic "Foxes guarding the henhouse!"
  • Direct ties to the IRGC
  • Carlos bledsoe from Islamic Ctr of Nashville
These days, telling the truth about Islam can ruin your career in the Federal Government. Officials turn a blind eye to save their jobs.

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