Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's going on in the UK

There has been a second beheading in Sheffield, of a Moderate Muslim girl. She was beheaded by her own community. The police covered it up for two weeks for the sake of "community cohesion".... Right!

The English Defense League (EDL) has presented the government with two demands: provide a risk assessment of a proposed march route through the Muslim section of London, or to announce the government will conduct an inquiry into the Muslim rape gangs that are operating throughout the UK, and have been doing so for twenty years!

This is designed to give the government a Hobsen's choice: if they  provide a risk assessment, and have to acknowledge there's no way the EDL can march through the Muslim section of London  without major combat and bloodshed, the Police have to admit they don't have control of the city.  If they announce an inquiry into the rape gangs, then the government will have to admit that all is not roses in London. The Government is loathe to do this because the image of London they are trying to portray to the world is peace, harmony, multicultural nirvana, and the place to invest money! To admit the reality of racial tensions, rape gangs, beheadings is a reality they would rather suppress!

The police are complicit in this. When a demonstration over some Muslim outrage takes place, and three thousand people show up, the chief of police will post a twitter to the newspapers saying "no big deal, only 50 people showed up and nothing is happening".  They get away with this, because the journalists are so lazy they don't bother to check.

 Interestingly enough,  the comments sections of news websites would be filled with people shouting "lies! Here's what really happened!" Of course, this doesn't work for those trying to suppress the truth, so their solution was to take down the comments sections.

The Muslims are over reaching! The Cameron government witnessed a beheading of one of its own soldiers in London in broad daylight. The murderer shouted "allahu akbar" and quoted Qur'anic verses that justified his actions. Yet the PM said with a straight face "Islam had nothing to do with it!"  This means the Muslims believe they are immune from the law in the UK. Rather than a "backlash against Muslims", (a lie manufactured by the UK Equivalent of CAIR), there has been a spate of further attacks.  This will bring down the Cameron government. And it should!

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