Thursday, June 20, 2013

trip to the Capital

Congressman Jeff Duncan, TX

The "Arab Spring" is resulting in more AQ sanctuaries
The Civil War in Syria has no good choices for us, execpt that the Jihadis are spending their time killing each other instead of us. But to give them $1.BN is insanity.

  • al Quds forces working in South America and Mexico
  • Iran has opened 6 embassies in South America in the last 6 years'
  • on the ground conversations about the Tri-Border area in South America shows Hizbullah activity and influence in the region, in contrast to the official administration reports.
  • Political Correctness is killing us: Major Hasan was not "workplace violence"
  • Beginnings of doubt about TWA 800 years ago: Government report may have been a white wash.
  • DHS ammunition and armored car purchases causing distrust and internet rumors: Napolitano not answering, but attacking Forbes Magazine for reporting it as "not a credible source".
  • FBI Drone use in the United States causing more distrust. Yet rather than answer the questions, the Administration is hunkering down and stone walling.
  • Immigration and amnesty, OTM's from Middle Eastern hostile countries, young men with false Hispanic identities, yet ignored by the Administration. 41 to 49 percent of illegals have overstayed their visas. We should address this.
Congressman Bacher
  • We have squandered the Regan gains: our country is in jeopardy
  • Regan helped the enemies of our enemies, Obama is helping OUR enemies against ourselves.
  • China and Radical Isalm are the enemies, why don't we ally with Russia?
  • Intent and capability: we are ignoring the MB Doctrine of building the Caliphate, we are giving China trading priviledges that are to our detriment. We need to help our friends, not our enemies.
  • Be selective in deploying troops: Africa? Syria? Why?
Representative Frank Trent:
  • New President of Iran bragged about deceiving us
  • EMP threat being ignored: at the start of their nuclear program, when they had 100 centrifuges, the Adminstration said "not to worry, they need 3000! You're being hyper!"  Now they have 13,000 centrifuges. And the adminstration is saying "oh well, we dealt with a nuclear Russia. Iran only wants respect. Not to worry!" But MAD doesn't work with Jihadis who wish to become Shaheed!
  • Remember: at Federal level, each call or email is assumed to represent a thousand voters: it only takes 50 concerned citizens to raise the profile on an issue
  • At the state level, it only takes 10 to 12. Therefore, we can be effective if we apply ourselves.
Brigitte, while we were waiting for the Congressmen to show:
  • Sept 25 is the Free Speech Day campaign. All Chapters need to participate. Our 1st Amendment rights are under attack and need defending. It's not enough to say "oh well, it's in the Constitution, and we don't have to worry!"
  • We will focus at the state level owing to the hostile adminstration at the Federal level
  • Communication and messaging is important. Remember: the Shari'a is NOT a 1st Amendment religious issue, but an Article 6 Issue, is the Constitution the highest law of the land, or will we allow the Muslims to abrogate the Constitution with their "hate speech" laws?
  • 64% of American Muslims believe that "slandering Islam" should be criminalized, and they're using their petro-billions to make that happen!
Kelly Cook: National Field Director
  • An energy policy would free us from Saudi influence on our foreign policy
  • Afghanistan: 50% of population less than 15 years old. But we have no way of building democratic values. //Our strategy neglects Islam
  • Israel has discovered gas off the coast and oil in the Negev dessert. They soon may be a wealthy oil exporter.
  • It's important that we respond to the "Action Alerts" sent by ACT National.
  • Remember; our "push back" against Radical Islam is unique in the world. In virtually no other country in the world can this take place. We have a grand burden!
  • Check "Victory Timeline" on National Website.
  • Muslim influence at our Universities: these institutions are "whores". Johns Hopkins University got a $994 million grant for a hospital, and it's staffed mostly by Muslims!  This is a cultural invasion! (Tamkeen, or  building "control" of the society).
  • ISNA is in charge of "sensitivity" training of the DoD and the FBI. Potential terror groups named include the Catholic church and Christian Evangelists as well as AQ and Hizbullah.
Doug Lamborne on Energy Policy:
  • Obama kow tows to radical environmentalists
  • They are working to shut down all carbon based fuels: coal, oil, nat gas, and nuclear
  • Adminstration is shutting down permitting off the East Coast, in Virginia
  • Our reserve estimates are  40 years out of date: when revised, sometimes reserves increase by 100X with the updated seismic techniques
  • Obama wants zero nuclear weapons, and is proposing to cut another 1/3. But our allies who depend on our "nuclear umbrella" will get nervous and start programs of their own, like Japan and Korea. So the President's policies would actually increase the likelihood of proliferation.
Representative Frank Wolf
  • Congress dysfunctional: approval rating 10%
  • We need a select committee to investigate the Benghazi incident
Rep Steve King
  • Border security: we are spending $6 million a mile for nothing: building a fence would be $3million a mile, and a super highway is $4 million a mile
  • NSA recording phone calls, internet, emails, credit card transactions,
  • CCTV cameras
  • Google profiling millions of voters for turnout/or suppression
  • Putting it all together, and it becomes more than Orwellian!
  • 750,000 babies a year are children of illegals, some only come here to have the baby, get citizenship and fly home again.  Laws need to stop this abuse.
Rep Marsha Blackburn, TN on the TSA
  • TSA adminstratively changing their mandate
  • They dress like law enforcement, but have no training or police power
  • They are moving out of airports to train stations, bus stops and ports, but have zero training and zero legal authority
  • The BDO's (Behavior Detection Officers) also have zero training and authority
  • They need to be put back  and restricted into the airports as screeners, and deprived of their uniforms epaulettes and badges.
Louis Gomert, OK
  • Drone killings of American citizens. Anwar al Awlaki: what would have happened if he'd returned to the US? Would the kill order have remained in effect?
  • Why do we give money to those who hate us, like Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt?  They will use the tanks and planes to suppress the forces for democracy that are fighting the Islamists, and eventually us! They can hate us for free!
  • We need wisdom and discernment!

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