Monday, June 24, 2013

America 3.0, Presentation by James C Bennett at CCU

America 1.0 was the revolutionary war America of independent farmers and craft industry manufacturing. It sprung from the British Mercantile system coming apart. American traders found their profits were greater trading with others than the British. But rather than opening their system to freer trade, they doubled down on what didn't work, ie, more regulations, enforcement and oppression, driving the American colonies into rebellion.

America 2.0 was the industrialized America, which is in its death throes toady. Starting with Woodrow Wilson, the Progressives believe they can use big government to manage big unions and big business to solve any problem!  We can win World War 2! We can harness America to put a man on the moon! So now we can end poverty and end racism!

Trouble is, these last two endeavors are not engineering problems that are readily solved.  So what has been the response? Same as before: doubling down on what doesn't work, bringing the whole system to the verge of collapse!  More taxes, more bureaucracy, more regulation, more enforcement!  The PPACA health care system is a case in point: the bill includes tens of thousands of IRS agents to "ENFORCE" the system!

But with burgeoning bureaucracy, bankrupt pension systems, deficits, the system is being overwhelmed.   Tens of millions of welfare recipients will trigger the inevitable collapse! This is when America 3.0 will begin to emerge.

Government will become more localized . People will sort themselves in ways that make sense. For example, California should be broken into three different states. One bankrupt entity with 34 million people no longer functions.  Even in Colorado, there is a movement in the northern part of the state to break off and shed the dictates of the Denver population that is inimical to their best interests.

CAD/CAM manufacturing and 3D printers mean the old time industrial production's economy of scale no longer is true. Big manufacturing is not nimble enough! Suffocating inefficient Union rules will mean these traditional industries will go the way of the dodo bird, (as well as the greedy unions!)

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