Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I was lamenting voter fraud in the last election. My leftie family member said “or was it people just couldn’t stomach Romney?”. So I sent evidence of the voter fraud: you know, 150% voter turnout in some critical precincts without a single vote for Romney. The angry response was “when are you going to open your mind to realize some people feel differently than you do!”  In other words, I don’t let FACTS get in the way of my FEELINGS!  This means critical thinking is out the window! And by the way, who is it that needs to open their mind?

When we see the grade schools putting up pictures of Obama and the leftie teachers leading the children in songs in praise of him, we see the beginnings of the brain washing and  conformity, which are the building blocks of the totalitarian society.

Was it not John Adams that said our form of democracy is only possible with a religious moral people? Well, we are witnessing the end of our democracy. We are no longer an educated, critically thinking religious moral people, but a mindless chanting Occupy Wall Street mob who want to build a “society of shared wealth”, which will result in massive poverty. If there’s no incentive, why should anyone want to produce? Let’s just sit back and let greedy Wall Street share!

Our society is passing from a Republic to a populist cult of personality one party dictatorship. God help us. Millions will die.

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