Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Government will seize the housing stock in the United States

If you have a home, savings, and an IRA, it will soon be deemed “unfair” when “so many have so little!” The mantra is “think of the Poor!”

A Federal mandate to provide “adequate housing for the less fortunate” will befall local governments. Property taxes and bond issues will be raised to build projects strategically in different precincts designed to disenfranchise home owners. As this is accomplished, property taxes will be raised mercilessly. It will be a transfer of wealth from the home owning American middle class to the indigent illegal immigrants (who vote Democratic, of course).

If your property tax is $4500 a year, let’s say, it would go to $25,000 a year. After all, it’s only “fair”! Inexorably, as people are unable to keep up the tax payments and the market for housing disappears, (who can afford such taxes?) the property escheats to the Cities and counties, or to a soon to be established Federal entity to manage housing.

Big houses will be cut into apartments, but the really nice ones will be retained by the public sector entities to house their officials. High salaries would be “unfair”, but perks that go with the job can be acceptable.

Thus, the big homes that used to belong to business executives now belong to more and more local officials, such as mayors, police chiefs, and County Commissioners. All the landscaping, maintenance, even house cleaning will be performed by public employees.

As for you: now that you’ve lost your home, you can only apply to the Housing Authority for a place to live. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a basement apartment with running water. If you want to get on the three year waiting list for a two bedroom apartment, you will have to make a “nice contribution” to the local official’s re-election campaign. Remember: the administrator’s re-appointment to his post depends on the amount he can garner from the tenants of the projects for which he is held responsible.  The only option for young single women is “be nice to the administrator, and maybe he’ll be nice to you!”

Is this the “fair shot at a home of your own! This is our country now!”?

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