Monday, December 24, 2012

Fiscal Cliff

Part of the Progressive-Marxist agenda is to gut our military and raise taxes sufficiently to wipe out the middle class. Obama and his minions can move towards this goal by doing nothing and letting the “fiscal cliff” work for them. There is no incentive for Obama to prevent this.

Also, they will blame Republicans for the resulting damage to the economy. To people with liberal educations and up from the NGO’s, the concept of “taxing the rich” to help the economy sounds reasonable, having an “economics free background” as most of them do.

Republican leadership is entirely outclassed. They don’t understand that machine politics is independent of the economy. Democrat Machine politicians in Chicago win regardless of what the economy does. The Democrats are merely planning to take the Chicago machine national.

The Republican leadership is still floundering, talking about “returning to the values of 1776” or “fiscal responsibility and currency parities” which mean nothing to the inner city Blacks who vote on the basis of “da bros gotta stick tageddah”.  Forget it.  Responsible government is a thing of the past. American greatness will disappear over the next 20 years of Marxist rule.

Also: racism is rampant. Marxist ideology states “only the dominant group can be racist”. In other words, racism practiced by the Holder Justice Dept or Jessie Jackson is NOT racism, but an “expression of ethnic identity”.  But if white people did the same thing, they’d be jailed!

Either white people go to the chopping block quietly, or they start a civil war. Hard to see any other scenarios. This, of course, is why Obama and his administration are striving so mightily to disarm white people. They know this full well. They prefer our “going to the chopping block quietly”.

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