Tuesday, October 2, 2012

US Delegation, 1 October 2012

When a member of the US Delegation opened his remarks, his first words were "I am President of MPAC."  This stands for "Muslim Political Action Committee".  Now the most important issue to be dealt with at this Conference was the Turkish Delegation's intention to present a Proposal to make "Islamophobia" a " Crime against humanity", a frontal assault on our Constitution and the First Amendment. Yet who do we have "guarding" our Constitution? A Member of the MPAC.

And why is a lobbyist representing the administration in a diplomatic status? Is this more Obama cronyism?

Instead of having our representatives serve as a bulwark to defend the Constitution, we had Muslims who agree with the OIC position, and kept talking about the necessity for hate speech legislation! But what is "hate speech"?

The Muslims continually talk about the "abuse of free speech" and the necessity to limit it. The metaphor used is "you can't yell fire in a crowded theatre!" But if someone is building a fire in the theatre, you are obligated to "yell fire in a crowded theatre"! If you do not, people will die!

Another limitation is "speech that incites violence!" But the Muslims have turned this on its head!  If someone is expressing their Constitutional right to free speech, telling the absolute truth, this is the bulwark to our liberties that leads to better government and open inquiry.

But if another decides they do not like what's being said, and/or are concerned that something untoward may be revealed about them, and they decide to threaten violence, THE THREAT ITSELF MUST NOT RENDER THE SPEECH ILLEGAL! But this is precisely what the Muslims are calling for! This means they can cancel anyone's free speech merely by threatening those who attempt to practice it!

Law Enforcement must interpret their role as defending citizens who are exercizing their rights, not being enforcers of the oppressors in order to "keep the peace". Too often, the Police shut down an event because the Muslims have made threats! This must stop!

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