Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OSCE Oct 3, 2012

There were 70 speakers, all cut to 1.5 minutes each. Basically, every group was whining about theirvictimhood! Some of which I have never heard, like Jehova's Witnesses in Turkestan!

 Interesting to me were the Muslim groups from the OIC area, as if they were a persecuted minority! Uniformly, these groups call for more legislation, more reporting of "hate crimes" against Muslims.
A few thoughts:
  • Most of the "hate crimes" agaiinst Muslims in the US have turned out to be staged by the Muslims themselves, such as slogans on Mosque walls, etc.
  • That the "hatred and discrimination" about which the Muslims complain are NOT owing to their religion, but to THEIR hostility to the surrounding host culture!
When the Muslims whine about "minority rights", their call for "Laws Against Islamomophobia" is a perfect example.
  • This small and perpetually "offended", minority group, maybe 2% of the population , demands that the majority 98% overturn and abandon their Constitution and surrender their cherished free speech rights!  (I don't think so!)
  • They would make Muslims "more equal than others" in the society by demanding special accomodations! They demand work place time off to pray, foot washing stations in public facilities,  food in public schools be changed to suit their halal requirements, etc.  Why? Basically to impose their Shari'a Law upon us! It's already happening in the Courts in regard to Family Law.
  • At the Conference the Muslims actually threatened us!  Our tiny group spoke out against the concept of "Islamophobia", and we were branded "dangerous"!  And that we "threatened dialogue"!  In other words, the only kind of dialogue the Muslims will tolerate is submission!
  • And speaking of "tolerance and dialogue", it has to be a two way street.  When the Musliims "demand" tolerance and respect and do not show it to others, (for instance towards Christians and Jews), it degenerates  into indimidation!
  • The spokesman for one of the groups actually said "if  Blasphemy Laws are not passed in the West, it will jeopardize world peace!" He further went on to say "you can't insult 1.7 billion people!"
Comment:  the Muslims insult 1.8 billion Christians on a daily basis by their attacks in Nigeria, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, and elsewhere. The Mullahs and Imams consistently lambaste Christian members of their communities from their pulpits, resulting in destructive mobs surging out of the Mosques after Friday prayers.

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