Monday, October 1, 2012

OSCE Oct 1st, 2012

  • Denial of LGTB signage categories in UK
  • Freedom of belief EU Guidelines
  • My address on "Islamophobia":

Thank you Mme Chairman of the OSCE

Islamophobia, sounds like homophobia
Phony word devised by British Muslims in the 1980's
Trying to imply that concern over Islam is irrational bigotry
However: no separation between religion and politics in Islam
Ideology calls for conversion/death/enslavement of all mankind
oppresses women
killed 270 millions in Jihad over the centuries and is killing people on a daily basis
Therefore: Islamophobia as an irrational bigotry does not exist.
But there IS a legitimate concern for an aggressive Islam that
Wages war on unbelievers until they submit to the Shari'a, pay the jizya, and feel themselves subdued. as called for in Sura 9:5, the so-called "ayat saif"

Therefore, any attempt to make "Islamophobia' illegal, basically is trying to criminalize peoples instinct for self preservation and inappropriate.

//as I left the podium, I got long looks from the Islamic contingent.

UK talking about tolerance and freedom of expression. But they oppress the EDL persecute it's members and forbid their freedom of assembly.

  • Persecution of the Church of Scientology in Ubekistan as well as other minority religions.
  • Persecution of Muslims in the West, and we were threatened by Islam to adopt the Blasphemy Laws.

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