Monday, October 1, 2012

OSCE Meeting Oct 1, 2012

Mr Frank Cogan, chairman of the OSCE spoke of the necessity of accepting the UDHR by the UN of 1948. No mention of the OIC notifying the UN that the Cairo Declaration of HR in Islam subordinates all Human Rights is subject to the Shari'a.

No mention that the Shari'a does not give the same status to non-believers as believers: they treat women differently under the Shari'a. No mention of persecution of the Copts in Egypt, the Christians in Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon.

Specific status of religious communities: recognition need not mean legal subsidy and priviledge, but only non-discrimination. Respect, procedures non-discrimination.

There are fifty speakers, all at 2 minutes apiece.
  • Jehova's witnesses in France
  • Usbekestan peaceful religious beliefs persecuted for "Illegal religious activities"of Jehova's Witnesses.
  • Persecution of Turkish minorities in Greece
  • LBGT categories discriminatory.
  • Freedom of religion and freedom of speech but have to address. The Mosque in Murfeesboro mentioned.

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