Monday, October 1, 2012

OSCE Meeting Afternoon Session

Venice Commission from democracy and law:

Assessments on freedom of expression and religion opinions. Plenary session to be held next week. Laws to be examined such as registration of religious organizations, education, prosletism,religious symbols.

Relationship of freedom and religious freedom and blasphemy laws. Incitement to hatred should be criminalized. Not offense to a religion. 

BPE: human rights belong to people. Threats against freedom of expression ; film and apostasy. Islamic Law is clear on killing apostates. Respect and mutual tolerance precludes this, and everyone needs a right to do so. Others have lost family, friends, and have had to live in hiding.

Pax Europa suports the protection of apostates.

Fundamental rights of religion in Romania and protection of minority groups. Government considers it a mere criminal case. Cama yurga, human trafficing. No transparancy in ex-Communist area.

Mocking of Christian groups and faith, ridiculing Chirstian religion: needs a fine line to restrict freedom of speech. But it needs to be consistent.

Media needs to not target Christians and then treat Islam with kid gloves, and not to spread stereotypes and ridicule about Christians.

National security is not a reason for restricting religious freedom. Unequal responsibility to qualify as certain religious groups. Limitations on legal status and worship, small groups cannot qualify.

Religious minorities policy. Russia interested, Kazakstan, French secularism has been adopted in countries where there is no separation of church and state. Need
  • policy on children,
Westen countries threatened by the Muslim

LGBT: sexual minorities are discriminated against by religious groups. 

Muslim denomination in Bulgaria

Mosques, cultural educational centers, "Muslim Confession" need for Islamic Institutes.

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