Monday, October 1, 2012

OSCE Meeting 1 Oct 2012

In Islam, no right to change what we believe. Can't worship without Freedom of Speech we are led to like sheep to the slaughter.  Freedom from Fear.

Secular societies are oppressing expression, such as religious schools and mass media against religious expression. Like changing their religion, (apostasy laws).  Threatens peace and security.

Kazakstan Bureau of Human Rights

Situation to laws on religious laws in Kazakstan. International Standards do not require religious groups to register. There are no fining of non-registered groups. No unjustified interference of security services.

Tajikistan Bureau of Human rights

Tajikstan considers human rights a priority, in 2010 the President affirmed religious rights, and is a secular state. Freedom of conscious and religious associations. No preference to any religious sect. Freedom religious and secular conscience. We do register all these associations, foreign and domestic. Religious education is provided for after education in state schools.

We do not allow is that individuals abuse their relgious rights by imposing on the rights of others. Everyone has their rights in terms of religion and creed.

Muslim Domination of Bulgaria

Sept 2012. Proceeding against clerics sermonizing radicalism. Allegations are untrue and endanger public order and security. No radical Islam in Bulgaria. No protests about the film in Bulgaria. We call on the OSCE to monitor the proceeding

Democratization on Kazakstan

Radical changes in society: more believers. 4400 religious organizations. Large number of missionaries, many requests for registration.  Models for secularism and democracy. Our goal was to defend our religious rights: neutrality, parity, tolerance, equality. Democratic secular state

Tolerance of ethnic minorities for 3000 years. Law today freedom of conscience guaranteed. It monitors conditions and compliance. 2000 religious associations, 90% are Muslim. We have 20 years 85,000 went on Hajj, others went to holy places. We printed Qur'an in brail. Tashkent is center of Islamic culture.

Interior International

New religous movements in Europe. Mutual distrust and many have given up on being recognized. owing to unfavorable press. Totalitarian paradigm in Europe regarding religion by secularism. Must be implemented at loal level. Transparency tolerance.

preoccupied by LGBT issues: what a joke!

Registration is essential for all associations .  Baptist and Lutheran associations have been reduced and their associations have been dwindled.

We would like to respond to complaints to religious freedoms.  WE implement freedom. 2225 accociations exist. 159 christian 8 Jewish 8 Ba'hi, Bhuddist shrine . All freedom of religion is in place. you can't proseletize and you must register.

Hate crime legislation

Religious intolerance doesn't exist in Georgia. Mosque, Synagogue and church all exist together. July 6, 2011 a law gives all religious groups.

UK promotes religious rights, and includes applications to all groups.

Guide lines of policy of abuse by sects. We will respond later this afternoon.

Mr Billfob
Religion is a basic human right. Theistic, non-theistic, and atheistic groups.  Minorities within minorities respected. Universalism is thought,
freedom to worship or not to worship, to conversion, and the right to non-coersive conversion. Restrictions i Article 18 Paragraph III.  Burden of Proof on those who wish to restrict.
Positive interrelation of human rights. Belief, assembly, expression all go together. Freedom of speech.
Hate speech counters by more speech, not restrictions.

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