Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama on the Libya attack

The reason the Obama Administration continued to stick to the “video is at fault” scenario long after everyone knew it wasn’t true, was that he was sticking to the Muslim Brotherhood playbook!  Even as we speak, the Jihadi and Middle Eastern websites are still referring to the “Islamophobe video” and the “necessity for blasphemy laws in the West to preserve world peace”.

The whole attack in Libya was part of the OIC’s ten year strategy to “combat Islamophobia”. The “Istanbul Process” is the implementation of UN Resolution 16/18 to criminalize “denigrating someone’s religion”. It is a Resolution to which Secretary of State Clinton agreed! She said she will use “shame and peer pressure” to get the United States to adopt this UN Resolution. Note carefully she is not using the Courts because she knows the Resolution runs counter to our Constitution.

Thus, BOTH the President and his Secretary of State have violated their oath of office to “uphold and defend the Constitution” by trying to impose this UN Resolution.

Note carefully that “denigrating someone’s religion” will only be applied to Islam, ( since it is the “only true religion”, this does not preclude the Muslims criticizing Christians and Jews). But “denigrating”, “insulting” all boil down to the Shari’a definition of “slander”, which only  means “saying something the Muslims don’t like” or “revealing something about Islam they don’t want revealed”.  The net effect of such a blasphemy law is not to keep people from saying uncomplimentary things about Islam, but to keep people from discussing Islam AT ALL! In other words, it wants to make Islam untouchable in the market place of free ideas, rendering us intellectually defenseless!  This is an outrage!

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