Monday, October 1, 2012

Breakout Session during lunch Oct 1st

The Muslim Alliance Breakout Session:

Religious expression has its limits. There has been an "abuse of  freedom of expression in Insulting the Prophet. There is:
  • Hatred of Islam
  • Segregation of Muslim communities
  • Increasd unemployment
  • Terrorism is caused by the Islamophobia that pushes the young into the Jihad groups
  • The Majority of the insults come from Anglo-Saxon countries
Equal rights means equal responsibilities. Society has an obligation :
  • To prohibit the Media from promoting secualrism
  • Help the Muslims maintain their ethnic identity
  • To "build bridges with Muslim Communities
  • To promote Tolerance
We need a Charter of morality that would encompass all Faiths!

Comments: If they are concerned for hatred of Muslims, maybe if they'd stop wageing Jihad on Non-believers, the non-believers would be more accepting of them.
The Imams are the ones who segregate the young in Muslim communities by forbidding them to associate with non-believers, lest they lose their Muslim ways. To say Terrorism is caused by our marginalizing Muslims is patently absurd. Remember, the Jihad attack in Glasgow the summer of 2007 was perpetrated by NHS physician Muslims, not uneducated, not marginalized, not unemployed!

For the Muslim leadership to expect Western societies to accomodate them, to "tolerate their intolerance" is patently absurd. If they wish to participate in Western Society, they will have to adapt to OUR ways, not vice versa.

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