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Father of former Navy Seal killed in Benghazi

Profetens Ummah Oslo

Obama on the Libya attack

The reason the Obama Administration continued to stick to the “video is at fault” scenario long after everyone knew it wasn’t true, was that he was sticking to the Muslim Brotherhood playbook!  Even as we speak, the Jihadi and Middle Eastern websites are still referring to the “Islamophobe video” and the “necessity for blasphemy laws in the West to preserve world peace”.

The whole attack in Libya was part of the OIC’s ten year strategy to “combat Islamophobia”. The “Istanbul Process” is the implementation of UN Resolution 16/18 to criminalize “denigrating someone’s religion”. It is a Resolution to which Secretary of State Clinton agreed! She said she will use “shame and peer pressure” to get the United States to adopt this UN Resolution. Note carefully she is not using the Courts because she knows the Resolution runs counter to our Constitution.

Thus, BOTH the President and his Secretary of State have violated their oath of office to “uphold and defend the Constitution” by trying to impose this UN Resolution.

Note carefully that “denigrating someone’s religion” will only be applied to Islam, ( since it is the “only true religion”, this does not preclude the Muslims criticizing Christians and Jews). But “denigrating”, “insulting” all boil down to the Shari’a definition of “slander”, which only  means “saying something the Muslims don’t like” or “revealing something about Islam they don’t want revealed”.  The net effect of such a blasphemy law is not to keep people from saying uncomplimentary things about Islam, but to keep people from discussing Islam AT ALL! In other words, it wants to make Islam untouchable in the market place of free ideas, rendering us intellectually defenseless!  This is an outrage!

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The President trying to please his base .


New Declaration of Independence

American version of the French “Generation Identitaire”

Bat Ye'or on Eurabia

Bat Ye'or om Västerlandets undergång (1)

Franska Gallia Watch har intervjuat den
om Västerlandets kommande undergång.
Intervjun har översatts till engelska och
presenteras i två avsnitt:
"After the greetings, Christine asks her to explain Eurabia:
I didn't invent the term. It was the title of a journal that foreshadowed the situation today. Eurabia is an ideology that seeks to promote the fusion of the two shores of the Mediterranean and to eradicate the identity of the European peoples. Eurabia is two combats. One is the desire of the European Union to extend its power. When I speak of the European Union, I mean a whole system of functionaries who aim to abolish the European nations in order to construct a European Empire. This is an absurdity because this empire contains several languages, several histories, several identities, and you cannot destroy that. It is too rich too important,it would be a terrible impoverishment. This vision of the European Union is part of the globalist agenda to replace the nation-states with a world government that would be the United Nations, an international center that would promulgate laws for the entire planet. This is very clear from the speeches of Javier Solana, from his desire to strengthen the U.N. by weakening the European States. This is part of a humanist aspect of Communism: they want to recreate a fraternal humanity, without borders, without divisions, subject to the same laws, in which everyone is equal, everyone is kind and gentle, and in which the differences between the peoples would disappear. It's a little like what the Soviet Union wanted to do.

That is one aspect of Eurabia. The other aspect is the union with the Arab world, the creation of a Mediterranean civilization, which is a step towards the larger phase of globalization. This globalization will take place as the civilization continues to expand, leaving the domaine of nation-states, and taking in more and more different peoples, uniting with other continents and peoples. This is an intermediate step towards a supranational state that would mean the destruction of Europe in order to bring in the other nations.
We find this in the works of Carl Bildt, and other important politicians of the 70's, 80's and 90's. We see that Eurabia has several levels, and what I studied in my book Eurabia is another phenomenon: the destruction of Europe which is in parallel with an historical movement - the destruction of Judeo-Christian States by Islam. This aspect is different but complementary.
It was my specialty to study the historical texts to determine how Judeo-Christian nations, that had no Muslims, that didn't speak Arabic or Turkish, how did these nations, that represented the heights of civilization, such as Egypt with Alexandria as its capital, and Byzantium, become Islamized? What were the processes that led the people who were largely Christian to become Muslims and begin to speak Arabic or Turkish, and also Central Europe - don't forget the Turkish Empire went almost as far as Vienna - and Hungary and the Balkans? It was an enormous empire. What brought about the transformation of Christian nations?
There were two primordial levers that led to the transformation - jihad and sharia. Jihad is an ideology. There is no equivalent in Christian civilization. It doesn't exist. To understand jihad you have to read the Islamic texts to see the difference. Because European colonization was not a jihad, it was completely different. The Europeans left after one century.

Now we are back in an era of very active jihad and sharia, and now sharia, with the so-called Arab Spring, will be applied in all Muslim countries. We are in a period of jihad in all of its forms, some peaceful, such as immigration, such as certain Islamic precepts and concepts that are very important, for example, what we Westerners would call the destruction of history. For us history consists of events that can be proven, dated, and verified by archeological evidence, or some other kind. But in Islam, history is whatever confirms the Koran. It is religious history, not history in the sense of Greek, Western or Cartesian rationalism. And we are in the process of renouncing our history, our conception of history to adopt an Islamic conception of history. Obviously this has repercussions on our identity, on our culture, and so gradually, without realizing it, we are entering into a process of intellectual Islamization. Through the schools, the teaching, and this is promoted by our own State authorities. There is also another very important element in the transformation of Christian nations into Islamic nations, this is what I call dhimmitude, a system of laws regulating the status of populations conquered by Islam: Christians, Jews, and non-Muslims, and these laws established a permanent feeling of insecurity. That is to say, these populations were protected by Islamic law in a status of permanent insecurity, and humiliation and violence.
She describes how Islam uses constant attacks (as in Gaza) to strike permanent fear into the populations, who are forced to abandon their lands. Islam then moves in closer and closer to those lands that have not been Islamized, lands that must be conquered by war.
So there is this past of wars, conquests and slavery that is not spoken of. Islamic slavery is religious slavery, not necessarily racial. Non-Muslims were destined for slavery. Then there is the past history of very violent conquests, exterminations, genocide - such as the Armenian genocide, and I believe we are a bit responsible for the current situation, in particular our governments, because instead of denouncing these facts as we do with Western history - we speak of the genocide of the Jews, and all sorts of genocide that we have committed, we speak of the massacres during the war, and of slavery. Instead of doing this with the Muslims, on the contrary we have taken refuge in denial. Which means that we have not allowed this people to develop self-critical thinking and to arm themselves against a return of the past. In this respect, we are to blame as well.

Because as I write, the West is a victim of jihad. But the victim has a duty towards his oppressor, this duty is to bear witness. It is important for the victim to teach his oppressor about the evil he is doing. But if the victims repeat constantly, for example to the Palestinians, that they are wonderful, as the prelates, the heads of the churches do in the Middle East, even though the Palestinians represent the avant-guard of anti-Western, hence anti-Jewish jihad… You need a lot of courage, but I understand why they do not have courage, why they cannot speak. But perhaps in the West, the time for talking has passed. But there was a time for words, a time for bearing witness of the suffering of the victims, for humanizing the oppressor and for curing the oppressor. My books on dhimmitude are the testimony of the victim. It is very important for this testimony to be accepted and supported by the oppressor. There are Muslims who reject this past and seek a form of modernization, in order to set the good Muslim on the path of modernization and rejection of the past.So there is the problem of Eurabia, which is the problem of the destruction of our civilization. In my book I examine the mechanisms that led our nations to self-destruct and to betray their own people. How did this happen? What collusion took place? What forces were at play? There are of course many elements in this Titanic, this culture and civilization that are in the process of collapsing before our eyes.
This is Eurabia.

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OSCE Oct 3, 2012

There were 70 speakers, all cut to 1.5 minutes each. Basically, every group was whining about theirvictimhood! Some of which I have never heard, like Jehova's Witnesses in Turkestan!

 Interesting to me were the Muslim groups from the OIC area, as if they were a persecuted minority! Uniformly, these groups call for more legislation, more reporting of "hate crimes" against Muslims.
A few thoughts:
  • Most of the "hate crimes" agaiinst Muslims in the US have turned out to be staged by the Muslims themselves, such as slogans on Mosque walls, etc.
  • That the "hatred and discrimination" about which the Muslims complain are NOT owing to their religion, but to THEIR hostility to the surrounding host culture!
When the Muslims whine about "minority rights", their call for "Laws Against Islamomophobia" is a perfect example.
  • This small and perpetually "offended", minority group, maybe 2% of the population , demands that the majority 98% overturn and abandon their Constitution and surrender their cherished free speech rights!  (I don't think so!)
  • They would make Muslims "more equal than others" in the society by demanding special accomodations! They demand work place time off to pray, foot washing stations in public facilities,  food in public schools be changed to suit their halal requirements, etc.  Why? Basically to impose their Shari'a Law upon us! It's already happening in the Courts in regard to Family Law.
  • At the Conference the Muslims actually threatened us!  Our tiny group spoke out against the concept of "Islamophobia", and we were branded "dangerous"!  And that we "threatened dialogue"!  In other words, the only kind of dialogue the Muslims will tolerate is submission!
  • And speaking of "tolerance and dialogue", it has to be a two way street.  When the Musliims "demand" tolerance and respect and do not show it to others, (for instance towards Christians and Jews), it degenerates  into indimidation!
  • The spokesman for one of the groups actually said "if  Blasphemy Laws are not passed in the West, it will jeopardize world peace!" He further went on to say "you can't insult 1.7 billion people!"
Comment:  the Muslims insult 1.8 billion Christians on a daily basis by their attacks in Nigeria, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, and elsewhere. The Mullahs and Imams consistently lambaste Christian members of their communities from their pulpits, resulting in destructive mobs surging out of the Mosques after Friday prayers.

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US Delegation, 1 October 2012

When a member of the US Delegation opened his remarks, his first words were "I am President of MPAC."  This stands for "Muslim Political Action Committee".  Now the most important issue to be dealt with at this Conference was the Turkish Delegation's intention to present a Proposal to make "Islamophobia" a " Crime against humanity", a frontal assault on our Constitution and the First Amendment. Yet who do we have "guarding" our Constitution? A Member of the MPAC.

And why is a lobbyist representing the administration in a diplomatic status? Is this more Obama cronyism?

Instead of having our representatives serve as a bulwark to defend the Constitution, we had Muslims who agree with the OIC position, and kept talking about the necessity for hate speech legislation! But what is "hate speech"?

The Muslims continually talk about the "abuse of free speech" and the necessity to limit it. The metaphor used is "you can't yell fire in a crowded theatre!" But if someone is building a fire in the theatre, you are obligated to "yell fire in a crowded theatre"! If you do not, people will die!

Another limitation is "speech that incites violence!" But the Muslims have turned this on its head!  If someone is expressing their Constitutional right to free speech, telling the absolute truth, this is the bulwark to our liberties that leads to better government and open inquiry.

But if another decides they do not like what's being said, and/or are concerned that something untoward may be revealed about them, and they decide to threaten violence, THE THREAT ITSELF MUST NOT RENDER THE SPEECH ILLEGAL! But this is precisely what the Muslims are calling for! This means they can cancel anyone's free speech merely by threatening those who attempt to practice it!

Law Enforcement must interpret their role as defending citizens who are exercizing their rights, not being enforcers of the oppressors in order to "keep the peace". Too often, the Police shut down an event because the Muslims have made threats! This must stop!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Enemy Document

This definition of "Islamophobia" goes down the list of the Muslim Brotherhood's "Civilizational Jihad" strategy as per the Strategic Memorandum.


Full enjoyment of religious rights is in the Constitution.Root causes of violence is lack of "education". We need religious dialogue and education. New Mufti in Croatia.

Kazakstan: "Kingdom of God": priests and missionaries must register. Harsh punishment if you don't register. Government demanded lists of individuals involved in the process. Proselitizing is being criminalized.  State is supposed to be secualar and doesn't mention any licensing. No right to refuse licensing. Conscientious objections have

Demonization of Islam.  Quoting Islamic Scripture is "lies" and "spreading hate". Islamophobia hatred. 1.7 billion people cannot be insulted! Demonization and Insult.

It is the definition of "slander": Islamophobia a "threat" to our society?

OSCE Meeting Afternoon Session

Venice Commission from democracy and law:

Assessments on freedom of expression and religion opinions. Plenary session to be held next week. Laws to be examined such as registration of religious organizations, education, prosletism,religious symbols.

Relationship of freedom and religious freedom and blasphemy laws. Incitement to hatred should be criminalized. Not offense to a religion. 

BPE: human rights belong to people. Threats against freedom of expression ; film and apostasy. Islamic Law is clear on killing apostates. Respect and mutual tolerance precludes this, and everyone needs a right to do so. Others have lost family, friends, and have had to live in hiding.

Pax Europa suports the protection of apostates.

Fundamental rights of religion in Romania and protection of minority groups. Government considers it a mere criminal case. Cama yurga, human trafficing. No transparancy in ex-Communist area.

Mocking of Christian groups and faith, ridiculing Chirstian religion: needs a fine line to restrict freedom of speech. But it needs to be consistent.

Media needs to not target Christians and then treat Islam with kid gloves, and not to spread stereotypes and ridicule about Christians.

National security is not a reason for restricting religious freedom. Unequal responsibility to qualify as certain religious groups. Limitations on legal status and worship, small groups cannot qualify.

Religious minorities policy. Russia interested, Kazakstan, French secularism has been adopted in countries where there is no separation of church and state. Need
  • policy on children,
Westen countries threatened by the Muslim

LGBT: sexual minorities are discriminated against by religious groups. 

Muslim denomination in Bulgaria

Mosques, cultural educational centers, "Muslim Confession" need for Islamic Institutes.

CAIR Canada speaks at the OSCE Conference

Asurbijahn Jehova's Witnesses didn't get registered because of chicken shit technical manoeuvering. They have been persecuted by the Governments and can't even meet in their homes, can't import Bibles or other material, or censorship .

Canadian CAIR: promote Civic engagement to strengthen Canadian society. Tolerant. Intolerance and fear.  Human and civil rights: cross or beards, is discriminatory. Religion, process Mulitculturalism and Ontario's committee on human rights.

MPAC President Speaks

He stated that the Prophet  allowed pluralism in Arabia by inviting Jews into it. Mentioned UN Resolution 16/18 as an "effective way to deal with religious discrimination" which trashes our 1st Amendment.


Breakout Session during lunch Oct 1st

The Muslim Alliance Breakout Session:

Religious expression has its limits. There has been an "abuse of  freedom of expression in Insulting the Prophet. There is:
  • Hatred of Islam
  • Segregation of Muslim communities
  • Increasd unemployment
  • Terrorism is caused by the Islamophobia that pushes the young into the Jihad groups
  • The Majority of the insults come from Anglo-Saxon countries
Equal rights means equal responsibilities. Society has an obligation :
  • To prohibit the Media from promoting secualrism
  • Help the Muslims maintain their ethnic identity
  • To "build bridges with Muslim Communities
  • To promote Tolerance
We need a Charter of morality that would encompass all Faiths!

Comments: If they are concerned for hatred of Muslims, maybe if they'd stop wageing Jihad on Non-believers, the non-believers would be more accepting of them.
The Imams are the ones who segregate the young in Muslim communities by forbidding them to associate with non-believers, lest they lose their Muslim ways. To say Terrorism is caused by our marginalizing Muslims is patently absurd. Remember, the Jihad attack in Glasgow the summer of 2007 was perpetrated by NHS physician Muslims, not uneducated, not marginalized, not unemployed!

For the Muslim leadership to expect Western societies to accomodate them, to "tolerate their intolerance" is patently absurd. If they wish to participate in Western Society, they will have to adapt to OUR ways, not vice versa.

OSCE Meeting 1 Oct 2012

In Islam, no right to change what we believe. Can't worship without Freedom of Speech we are led to like sheep to the slaughter.  Freedom from Fear.

Secular societies are oppressing expression, such as religious schools and mass media against religious expression. Like changing their religion, (apostasy laws).  Threatens peace and security.

Kazakstan Bureau of Human Rights

Situation to laws on religious laws in Kazakstan. International Standards do not require religious groups to register. There are no fining of non-registered groups. No unjustified interference of security services.

Tajikistan Bureau of Human rights

Tajikstan considers human rights a priority, in 2010 the President affirmed religious rights, and is a secular state. Freedom of conscious and religious associations. No preference to any religious sect. Freedom religious and secular conscience. We do register all these associations, foreign and domestic. Religious education is provided for after education in state schools.

We do not allow is that individuals abuse their relgious rights by imposing on the rights of others. Everyone has their rights in terms of religion and creed.

Muslim Domination of Bulgaria

Sept 2012. Proceeding against clerics sermonizing radicalism. Allegations are untrue and endanger public order and security. No radical Islam in Bulgaria. No protests about the film in Bulgaria. We call on the OSCE to monitor the proceeding

Democratization on Kazakstan

Radical changes in society: more believers. 4400 religious organizations. Large number of missionaries, many requests for registration.  Models for secularism and democracy. Our goal was to defend our religious rights: neutrality, parity, tolerance, equality. Democratic secular state

Tolerance of ethnic minorities for 3000 years. Law today freedom of conscience guaranteed. It monitors conditions and compliance. 2000 religious associations, 90% are Muslim. We have 20 years 85,000 went on Hajj, others went to holy places. We printed Qur'an in brail. Tashkent is center of Islamic culture.

Interior International

New religous movements in Europe. Mutual distrust and many have given up on being recognized. owing to unfavorable press. Totalitarian paradigm in Europe regarding religion by secularism. Must be implemented at loal level. Transparency tolerance.

preoccupied by LGBT issues: what a joke!

Registration is essential for all associations .  Baptist and Lutheran associations have been reduced and their associations have been dwindled.

We would like to respond to complaints to religious freedoms.  WE implement freedom. 2225 accociations exist. 159 christian 8 Jewish 8 Ba'hi, Bhuddist shrine . All freedom of religion is in place. you can't proseletize and you must register.

Hate crime legislation

Religious intolerance doesn't exist in Georgia. Mosque, Synagogue and church all exist together. July 6, 2011 a law gives all religious groups.

UK promotes religious rights, and includes applications to all groups.

Guide lines of policy of abuse by sects. We will respond later this afternoon.

Mr Billfob
Religion is a basic human right. Theistic, non-theistic, and atheistic groups.  Minorities within minorities respected. Universalism is thought,
freedom to worship or not to worship, to conversion, and the right to non-coersive conversion. Restrictions i Article 18 Paragraph III.  Burden of Proof on those who wish to restrict.
Positive interrelation of human rights. Belief, assembly, expression all go together. Freedom of speech.
Hate speech counters by more speech, not restrictions.

OSCE Meeting Warsaw Oct 1,2012!/delta.mike.161

OSCE Oct 1st, 2012

  • Denial of LGTB signage categories in UK
  • Freedom of belief EU Guidelines
  • My address on "Islamophobia":

Thank you Mme Chairman of the OSCE

Islamophobia, sounds like homophobia
Phony word devised by British Muslims in the 1980's
Trying to imply that concern over Islam is irrational bigotry
However: no separation between religion and politics in Islam
Ideology calls for conversion/death/enslavement of all mankind
oppresses women
killed 270 millions in Jihad over the centuries and is killing people on a daily basis
Therefore: Islamophobia as an irrational bigotry does not exist.
But there IS a legitimate concern for an aggressive Islam that
Wages war on unbelievers until they submit to the Shari'a, pay the jizya, and feel themselves subdued. as called for in Sura 9:5, the so-called "ayat saif"

Therefore, any attempt to make "Islamophobia' illegal, basically is trying to criminalize peoples instinct for self preservation and inappropriate.

//as I left the podium, I got long looks from the Islamic contingent.

UK talking about tolerance and freedom of expression. But they oppress the EDL persecute it's members and forbid their freedom of assembly.

  • Persecution of the Church of Scientology in Ubekistan as well as other minority religions.
  • Persecution of Muslims in the West, and we were threatened by Islam to adopt the Blasphemy Laws.

OSCE Meeting Oct 1, 2012

Mr Frank Cogan, chairman of the OSCE spoke of the necessity of accepting the UDHR by the UN of 1948. No mention of the OIC notifying the UN that the Cairo Declaration of HR in Islam subordinates all Human Rights is subject to the Shari'a.

No mention that the Shari'a does not give the same status to non-believers as believers: they treat women differently under the Shari'a. No mention of persecution of the Copts in Egypt, the Christians in Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon.

Specific status of religious communities: recognition need not mean legal subsidy and priviledge, but only non-discrimination. Respect, procedures non-discrimination.

There are fifty speakers, all at 2 minutes apiece.
  • Jehova's witnesses in France
  • Usbekestan peaceful religious beliefs persecuted for "Illegal religious activities"of Jehova's Witnesses.
  • Persecution of Turkish minorities in Greece
  • LBGT categories discriminatory.
  • Freedom of religion and freedom of speech but have to address. The Mosque in Murfeesboro mentioned.


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