Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Night Sept 30

Meeting of Counter Jihad forces in Warsaw, lobby of hotel in Warscheau.

ESW has been delayed, owing to thre fact that her flight was diverted through Dusseldorf au lieu de direct WAW.
Klaus has just arrived with biere et Juice d'orange. We
 have Felix (DE) Lisa and Klaus, David from BRU et David from Colorado et Alain de Paris.

We are awaiting ESW's arrival to commence the stategy meeting.  Now we have learned the airline has lost her luggage, incurring MORE delay!  Most of the Proposals at this Conference are EVIL. Especially the  Turkish delegation's proposal to make "Islamophobia" a "crime against humanity!"

Erogan is pushing for some sort of declaration of this sort. This is the purpose of the violence  all over the world: to enfoce the Shari'a  Blasphemy Laws in the West. The threat for non-compliance was not even veiled: " the violenc may happen again!" (Note: 7.62 gatling guns can turn mobs into dead meat!

J'arrive au WAW il y a tres heures. Je prens une sieste apres demain.  Donc, reconre pour diner aux six heures.

Discussing Shari'a Compliant finance (SCF): 2.5% goes to Zakat, 1/8 of which goes to Jihad. Therefore, any Western Nation that allows SCF is basically helping to finance its own destruction.,

If the State has a duty to protect citizens, then they need to stop the "Grooming" process of Muslim men basically enslaving teen-age western girls as sex-slaves. The police in UK has been ignoring this issue for years,, saying to enfoce the law and protect the girls, would "damage community relations" with the Muslims.

If the President is returned to Office, you can plan on there being a masive "Environomentaal Review" on all the 'fracking in North and South America, shutting it down,. The purpose is to make us more dependent on the Middle East, sending them $500 Bn + to the Middle East to fund Jihad..

In the last French election, a Muslim Imam declared that a vote for Hollende was "halel". Eventually the Euro will collapse. The German tax payers will not finance  Geek spend thrifts indefinitely.

If the President is re=elected,

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