Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blasphemy Laws

To the Editor:

The Muslims assert that free speech should not "incite violence": that it is equivalent to "yelling fire in a crowded theater!" But to follow the metaphor, if the Muslims are building a fire in the theater, we are OBLIGATED TO YELL “FIRE” IN A CROWDED THEATER!

This premise is flawed, because it means anyone who threatens violence can deprive anyone else of their free speech rights merely by the threat!"

Unfortunately, Law Enforcement has this backwards. The way it's working now, if we try to put on an event bringing in a speaker who tells the truth about Islam, the Muslims threaten violence and the Police shut down the event. They interpret their role as "keeping the peace"!

But it should be the threatening of violence that's illegal, not the exercising of our Constitutional right to Free Speech! Most public officials take an oath to "defend and protect the Constitution". Therefore, they need to prioritize defending the Constitutional rights of citizens and DEFEND THEM AGAINST THOSE THAT THREATEN VIOLENCE, not be the oppressive enforcers!

The President has broken his Oath of Office to “defend and protect the Constitution”  by siding with the Muslims in calling for enforcement of Shari'a Blasphemy laws in the United States. These laws are in direct contravention of our cherished the First Amendment.

People should understand that Shari’a Blasphemy laws have nothing to do with saying unkind things about Islam, but everything to do with prohibiting non-believers from studying, discussing much less criticizing Islam: to wit, taking Islam completely "off the table" in our free market place of ideas! This is a very dangerous thing to do!

Dave Petteys

Roxborough Park, CO 80125

720 922 9092

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