Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welfare and “Community Organizers”of the Democratic Party

From a friend of mine in Pueblo, CO

Last week I was in the Rocky Mountain Eye Care Center in Pueblo for follow-up on my surgery.  Sitting next to me were two welfare queens I estimate in their mid 40's bragging about never paying for any medical services, even comparing how they scam the system.  In the conversation they discussed how phone calls from jails and prisons are always collect to the outside and the charge is $5.00 which I know is somewhat factual.
It now gets interesting.  One of them said her boyfriend who is in the county jail calls her every day and she takes the calls but does not pay the fee and gets away with it with the phone company because she is destitute as far as they are concerned.  She said the money is used on weed and partying at clubs and none of it would ever go to a Republican. 
She advised her welfare queen friend that she would again vote for Obama if for no other reason than she knew George Bush owns all the phones in jails and prisons and every call that is made makes him richer.  She also said that if Romney is elected he will be given the phones by Bush because that is the way Republicans do things. 
She said she was promised by a Democrat who visited her apartment complex funded by Section 8 money and spoke to residents that by re-electing Obama that would stop and the money would go to Democrats so they can be elected and take the property from rich people with jobs and give it to poor people who deserve better.
This is how the Democrat operatives from organizations like ACORN (think community organizers) do it.  I wonder if a Republican community organizer would be given equal access?


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