Wednesday, July 4, 2012

European Liberty

For the last two generations, America has shouldered the defense burden of Europe.  Two consequences have followed:
1. Relieved of the financial strain of Defense, European social democracies have instead spent their money on building Welfare States.
2. The dependence on America has led to rationalizing away its necessity.  “Society has evolved beyond war” the intellectuals say.  Thus, the Europeans can think “oh, we didn’t need American protection anyway!” and avoid the humiliation they feel.

Presently, America seems less inclined to continue to defend Europe. Islam is threatening Europe with “Civilizational Jihad!”  Non-assimilating Muslim immigrants are flooding the continent and turning sections of European cities like Paris, Brussels and  Amsterdam into Middle Eastern slums where the Shari’ah rules! The European elites are utterly at a loss on how to deal with it.

So far, their only path has been to cling to their multicultural ideals of moral relevance and cultural equivalency. The elites try to believe with all their heart that society has indeed “evolved beyond war”.

Unfortunately a left wing self-loathing society that has no truth, no right or wrong, and believes in nothing is no match for Militant Islam!  A thousand years of culture and hard fought liberty will be swept away by the Qur’anic mandate to “convert or die!”

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