Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aurora Shootings and Piers Morgan calling for more gun control

· Dozens of existing Federal, State, and local gun laws were broken by the shooter in Aurora, and not one of them saved a life. Why would adding a few more make any difference, except giving politicians a photo op saying "we're doing something about gun violence"?

· Even the theatre's prohibition of firearms on the premises only served to assure a "shooter safe zone".

· Many of the booby trap devices the perpetrator rigged in his apartment were manufactured out of common household items: would Mr. Morgan ban these as well?  Mr. Morgan should note that the al Qaeda Magazine "Inspire", published quarterly on the internet, has instructions on how to make pipe bombs out of common plumbing items, match heads, wrist watches, batteries and Christmas tree lights.

· The shooter appeared to be living in a warped violent Batman scenario. Does this not mean that the violence depicted in the film is just as much to blame for the mayhem (if not more so) as is the hardware?  Why not call for the banning of violence in films as well? Yet Mr. Morgan is silent about that!  And this doesn't even mention the catastrophic effect on our society of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, encouraged by the media's preoccupation with sex! But Mr. Morgan is silent about that as well!

· The shooting was timed conveniently to coincide with the State Department's July 27th signing of the UN Small Arms Treaty: is there a hidden agenda here?  The Progressives have long wanted to abrogate our Constitutional Second Amendment.

A better solution:

Keep all the firearms bans in place for what they're worth, but EXEMPT holders of legitimate Conceal Carry Permits (CCP's).

· Permit holders are NOT the problem. Anyone willing to submit to a background investigation and have his name put on file is unlikely to have criminal intent in mind.

· Any shooter would know about the exemption, and would more than likely move on to a more "shooter safe zone" where a total gun ban is in effect. Shooter fantasies seldom include determined "return fire"!

·  And by the way, it's easy for Faculty Senates and Boards of Directors to invoke a "gun ban". But assuring a gun-free area requires fencing and screening of everyone entering the Campus, office building, or whatever, just like at airports or government facilities.  "Oh, but that's too expensive and inconvenient!"  they cry. And that's why a mere "gun ban" is worthless! There's nothing to stop a person from walking in with a semi-automatic pistol and a small duffel with 30 loaded magazines! And thus the reason for the CCP Exemption! Otherwise, a ban only serves as one more charge to be added against a perpetrator post-tragedy and post-arrest (if any).

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