Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Negotiations with Pakistan

I can think of no greater waste of time than to negotiate with Pakistan, nor a bigger waste of money than giving aid to them to “fight terrorism”. They define “terrorism” as “killing Muslims without right”. But killing the Kuffar in Qur’anically sanctioned Jihad is considered a religious obligation! The money we give them is used to fund Jihad, (which is what WE define as “terrorism”. Do you see the semantic and intentional disconnect with reality?)

It’s high time we got our strategy correct. Islamic Jihad is our enemy, not “violent extremism”, which the DHS is defining as belief in anything  someone is willing to stand up and fight for, even liberty! This is why veterans and people who “carry copies of the Constitution” are potential extremists in Janet Napolitano’s DHS! They are placed in the same category as Islamic suicide bombers!

  Once we begin on this correct premise, then the strategy and tactics will fall into place.

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