Saturday, June 23, 2012

“Hate Speech” Revisited

The Muslims say we must outlaw “slander against Islam” and “Islamophobia”: to make them punishable “crimes”! They liken it to “crying fire in a crowded theater”.  Oh really!

For one thing, to further the metaphor, it is the Muslims who ARE building a fire in the theater! Our instinct for survival and the Prudent Man Rule REQUIRE us to cry out the warning when our people are in Jeopardy!  Yet the Muslims wish to silence us and lock the theater doors to maximize the casualties!

For another, it isn’t “Islamophobia” when the Muslims really are trying to kill us! Read their doctrine! Look at Q9:5, Q9:29, Q8:60 to name a few Qur’anic references of the top of my head! By the way, these aren’t old time verses no one believes any more, ( but that’s another whole discussion!)

Also, the Muslims say “any speech that leads to violence must be illegal!” But they have turned this on it’s head! It is the Muslims themselves that threaten the violence! This means we would have to surrender our First Amendment rights and subordinate to Muslims if they threaten violence against us!

No my friends, we must be able to tell the truth about the true nature of Islamic doctrine! And It is the duty of Law Enforcement to preserve our Constitutional liberties, not “preserve the peace at any price”, especially if the price is our liberty!

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