Thursday, May 31, 2012


Even though the Assad regime is brutal and killing children, if the Salafists backed by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood took over, (that means the so-called “Free Syrian Army”) the 1.3 million Christians and Jews living in Syria would be in jeopardy! They would be butchered and/or driven from their homes, making the cost in human lives and suffering far worse than what’s going on presently.

You can see the way the Copts are being treated in Egypt! Remember: Islam is One! The universal Ummah!  Americans need to remember this when they deal with the smooth, smiling and personable Imams and other Islamic apologists (Dhimmis) in the United States! When the Muslims feel they are strong enough, and feel their Jihad against unbelievers can be successful here, the violence will commence in accordance with the Qur’anic mandates!

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