Monday, March 19, 2012

Generating Obama Care buy in

We got a multi-color mailer urging elderly women to get a “free” mammogram and bone mass scan. It touts “Medicare must now offer them to you for free!”

What they don’t say:

  • having cut the reimbursement rate, fewer and fewer physicians can afford to accept Medicare patients
  • That if the medical tests actually find something, the Review Panels may  refuse treatment to the elderly if the cost of care “isn’t worth it”.

None of this will come out until the coming election is settled. And by then Obama Care will be irreversible, sending America into a steep decline as a socialist welfare state.

It’s no accident this brochure was paid for by the
Democratic National Committee. Their view of the American people is as sheep who can be bought off with short term gimmicks.  They may be right.

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