Saturday, March 17, 2012

Equality as “Justice”

The Marxists equate equal outcomes as “Justice”. But is it realistic to expect equality of rewards when there is not equality of contribution and talents?

When Marx was writing Das Kapital in the 1840’s, the industrial revolution was quite young. The only economic theory in existence was applied to agrarian economies. Thus, wealth was farmland (fixed) and the crops the only income, which grew no matter who owned the land.

Thus, what man of good will would not support transferring the ownership of the land to the share cropper who actually worked the land from the parasitic land owner who did none of the work? But this metaphor does not apply to information age economies.

Today, it is as if farmland (wealth) expands or contracts with incentives, and is NOT fixed. Yet the Marxists haven’t grasped this fact! Their efforts to “destroy the rich” and “spread the wealth around” only succeed in generating grinding poverty for all.

Another  example of “inequality” is attractiveness: some individuals are abnormally attractive. They are the ones who wind up on the silver screen. But does throwing acid in the face of a beautiful woman make things more “fair” to the majority of overweight  homely women in the shopping malls of Ohio? 

Many school teachers ridicule brilliant students for “making the rest of the kids in their class look bad!” They spend their time shaming the bright kids, telling them of their “responsibility” to help the “slow learners”.  How is a society to reach excellence with such attitudes?

And so with economic entrepreneurs!  Without talented leadership to found and build new enterprise, the economy and the society will languish in mediocrity and poverty.  And you can forget Government sponsored business development! The way that works is, those who make the biggest campaign contributions get the money. The real prospects for the business idea are never considered.

The only possible set point for economic equality is everyone at the subsistence level. The only “equality” that is possible is to treat everyone with equal dignity. We should accept a disparity of income as this rewards those who create wealth for the society as a whole.

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