Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Conflict in Afghanistan

The only purpose of the conflicts in the Middle East has been to bleed our nation and to weaken and discredit our military. The true battle for America is yet to come.

The purpose of trashing our economy over the last three years is to finesse the military cuts that would otherwise be resisted by all Patriots. Our anti-American anti-colonialist Marxist Muslim-in-Chief is administering a debilitating gutting of our defenses with hardly a whimper from Congress.

The big picture is a setting up America for destruction by the Shanghai Pact, an alliance of the Russians, the Chinese and the Iranians. Yet the electorate is being skillfully misdirected to dwell on the personalities of Republican candidates.

Consider this: America is the world’s last hope for liberty.  If we are taken down, the world will be carved up by the Shanghai Pact, introducing a new dark age that will last a thousand years and cost millions of lives.

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