Thursday, February 2, 2012

An American Totalitarian State

One can see the beginnings of how the Totalitarian State will be implemented by the Progressive Marxists in the United States:

  • The Progressives start with control of the media and the Universities, which have become Marxist indoctrination centers. Critical thinking is no longer allowed. History is rewritten and Marxist prejudice becomes fact. The “dumbing down” of our students has been underway for 50 years!
  • A recent law passed the the State of Washington will force churches to perform homosexual marriages or face massive daily fines: (eventually eliminating Christian churches in the nation)
  • Lawsuits against religious hospitals forcing them to perform abortions (eliminating hospitals run by religious organizations)
  • Eliminating of the charitable deduction (to force ALL charitable activities to the State)
  • Implementation of the cult of personality for President Obama at the high school level (already started) coupled with the destruction of the Boy Scouts of America for failing to allow pedophiles to be Scout Masters
  • Obama Care that will deny medical care to those over 65, the handicapped and the seriously injured. In the quest for “universal health care, the half truth is the Progressives have in mind the “collective health”, not individual health! This means the expensive medical cases will be “culled” into their graves by the “death panels”, (which has already started)! This has the added benefit of eliminating conservative voters who remember what America used to be.
  • All the while, the majority of the population will be kept docile by the “bread and circuses” distraction of TV Sports!  Forget about your freedoms that millions have fought and died to preserve for you!  Concentrate on “How ‘bout Dem Broncos?” while we slip on the shackles!

The common theme is the Federal Government gathering more and more power and influence unto itself until nothing else is left.  How the Muslim Jihadists fit into all this is a mystery. The Marxists seem completely oblivious to the threat!

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