Friday, January 13, 2012

America’s Future

As the Muslims flood in, the martyrdom operations will begin. Muslim Jihadists will conduct suicide bombings and car bombings, and Breslen style raids in which they take over schools and kill hundreds of middle school students at a time.  They will hit shopping malls, sporting events, government buildings, churches, anywhere people gather. They will try to bring American life to a halt in a reign of terror!
The response?
1. The Democrats will pass emergency laws confiscating all firearms, placing the American people further at the mercy of the attackers. Americans who try to fight back will be imprisoned by Federal and State law enforcement, which will be increasingly infiltrated and controlled by Muslims. (This infiltration is underway as we speak, an essential ingredient of the Muslim plan to take down America!)
2. The Clergy will call for more candle light vigils and other spineless irrelevance!
3. The Press will be filled with interviews of local Imams who continually bleat “Islam doesn’t condone the killing of innocent women and children” (even though no American citizen is 'innocent', having refused to submit to the Shari’ah). And the Imams will continually assert “you can’t judge all of Islam by the actions of the fringe few”! (The fraud here is that Jihad is required of ALL Muslims! Jihad is mainstream Ijma, or “scholarly consensus”, not the actions of a “fringe few”!)
4. The Left Wing ideologues in the Press and the Universities will continually hold that American society is to blame for “oppressing Muslims” and that the only solution is “dialogue with the Muslim Community”, leading to ever more accommodation and concessions. (The Shari’ah definition of “oppression” is Muslims having to live under a non-Islamic government!)
The Real Analysis:
1. The American society is under attack by Islamic Jihad. The only “crime” is  failure to submit!
2. The stark choice for peace is to round up and deport all Muslims or submit to their Shari’ah, becoming Dhimmis, or second class citizens, who must abide by the rules of their “Pact of Umar”.

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