Saturday, December 31, 2011

Judeo-Christian Heritage

When we turn our backs on our Judeo-Christian heritage,for which the Muslims and the Marxists are striving, what takes its place?

1. The law: this explains why all the homosexual groups wish to have their life-styles “validated” by a Legislature. This would somehow “make it OK” in spite of the 3500 year old Biblical Proscription.

2. Moral relativism and cultural equivalency: this means we believe in nothing, we stand for nothing, there is no right or wrong, good or evil: only “tolerance”.  And certainly, nothing is worth fighting for….

a) Thus, anyone who actually believes in anything and is (horrors) willing to fight for it is labeled an “extremist”.

b) With the DHS run by the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s no accident they define as potential terrorists Veterans, people who carry copies of the constitution, those that  frequent gun shops, and those who complain about the Government depriving them of their “rights” and people who go to church, (Mosques excepted of  course).

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