Monday, October 3, 2011

Wall Street Protests

To the Editor:

The "Wall Street Protests" are a stark testimony to our country allowing the Marxists to take over the schools and Universities. The abiding conviction of the protestors is that the concentration of wealth and income distribution is "unjust". They have been taught this by their envious left wing professors and teachers ever since middle school! "After all", these Professors and reason, "I got better grades than these entrepreneurs! I have a PhD and they do not! I am smarter than they are! I SHOULD be as wealthy as they are!"

If you ask any protester what system he would institute, he would immediately say "a system based on Justice!" Justice is defined as equal outcomes, wealth redistribution. But they fail to understand that redistribution of wealth destroys wealth! The only set point for "equal" is everyone at the subsistence level, (except for the Politbureau leadership who'd live quietly and hypocritically in the large confiscated homes behind the large hedges. And in a "People's Republic", any investigative journalist trying to publicize this leadership hypocrisy would be shot for "anti-revolutionary activity".)

Marxist economic theory is a "zero sum game". They teach that if you make a six figure income, this necessitates three hundred people in the third world making $25 a month! This might be true in an agrarian society where the "wealth" is fixed farmland and the "income" is the limited crops.

But in a twenty-first century information economy, to stick with the agrarian metaphor, it is as if entrepreneurs can create and expand farmland! Entrepreneurs expand wealth for everyone, and everyone lives better. You only have to compare the "poor" in America, most of whom have flat screen TV's and housing, as opposed to other parts of the world where the poor are living in garbage dumps scavenging for food.

It's time our society took the time to counter the economic Marxist nonsense that's being presented as fact in our school systems, and hold the Marxist-Leninist professors and teachers accountable.

Warning: the Marxists are willing to ruin our economy if they can gain power. As Saul Alinksy once said: “It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven”

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