Sunday, October 9, 2011

“Breach of the Peace” or First Amendment rights?

A Christian Minister was passing out pamphlets at an “Arabic Festival” in Dearborn Michigan. He was arrested for “Breach of the Peace”.  An ACT Chapter had an event scheduled at a Public Library. But local Muslim Groups threatened retaliation if the event went forward.  Timid Library officials canceled the event to “prevent potential violence”. 

The common thread: if you threaten violence, you can negate First Amendment rights, owing to the cowardice of local officials.

It seems to me if  a group is threatened with violence if it expresses its First Amendment free speech rights, the organs of government should protect these groups and crack down on those that threaten them, NOT suppress those who wish to exercise these rights in order to “keep the peace”.

As it stands now, our Constitution is NOT being defended by public officials who have taken oaths to uphold it. Instead, they are aiding our enemies in its destruction.

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