Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama Jobs Program (Failed Stimulus II)

The President’s plan takes resources from the productive private sector of the economy and diverts it to the less productive public sector. He’s emphasizing “schools and teachers” because he wants to hide behind “the children” and accuse the Republicans of hurting them when they vote against the “Failed Stimulus II ” (as they will need to do).

But building schools and grants to states to prevent teacher layoffs is NOT STIMULATIVE!  Government jobs and projects require continual government payments and do not generate sustainable economic growth.

Public sector spending should be subordinated to developing the private sector if “jobs” is the issue.

If the President REALLY wanted to stimulate Jobs, all he would have to do is cut the taxes on offshore earnings, and lift the virtual moratorium on domestic energy development. But that would be “giving tax breaks to evil corporations and the fat cats” and “continuing our addiction to oil, which we at Green Peace are out to stop!”

The only thing we can do to revive the economy is to hold the line until we can change administrations.

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