Monday, September 26, 2011

Debating my Fellow Knights of Columbus on Islam

The question was “Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?”  The question, in my opinion, can only be answered by a familiarity with Islamic Doctrine. But to my amazement, this was not the case as far as my fellow Knights were concerned!

    The discussion swirled around Biblical issues, or pronouncements from the Vatican, (which were,from what I could see, exhortations for understanding and dialogue, not teaching).

Although the Holy Father is infallible on issues of faith and morals, that doesn’t mean he’s infallible on other issues.  Pope John Paul II’s apology for the Crusades, for example, was historically unwarranted in my opinion.  The Crusades were defensive in nature, and commenced only after 450 years of depredation and conquest of Christian lands by Muslim armies.

Most debaters continually cited pronouncements by their Muslim “friends” as authorities on Islam. The emphasis was on “moral equivalency” in the Old Testament, and pointedly ignored mentioning Islamic Doctrine altogether.

The Taqiyya was apparent. Proximity to Muslims flagged these posters as “deceived”, not better informed. They would come up with statements like “CAIR is run by a Progressive Muslim”. This “Progressive Muslim” is none other than Nihad Awad, an Hamas member! And so it went.

When you ask if they’ve read the Qur’an and the Sunna, usually the answer is no. But they still have strong opinions on what Islam is, and how we should deal with it.

I was finally kicked off the blog for “causing disunity”. Evidently “unity” is preferred to truth: comfort in deception and ignorance.

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