Monday, September 26, 2011

Debating my Fellow Knights of Columbus on Islam

The question was “Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?”  The question, in my opinion, can only be answered by a familiarity with Islamic Doctrine. But to my amazement, this was not the case as far as my fellow Knights were concerned!

    The discussion swirled around Biblical issues, or pronouncements from the Vatican, (which were,from what I could see, exhortations for understanding and dialogue, not teaching).

Although the Holy Father is infallible on issues of faith and morals, that doesn’t mean he’s infallible on other issues.  Pope John Paul II’s apology for the Crusades, for example, was historically unwarranted in my opinion.  The Crusades were defensive in nature, and commenced only after 450 years of depredation and conquest of Christian lands by Muslim armies.

Most debaters continually cited pronouncements by their Muslim “friends” as authorities on Islam. The emphasis was on “moral equivalency” in the Old Testament, and pointedly ignored mentioning Islamic Doctrine altogether.

The Taqiyya was apparent. Proximity to Muslims flagged these posters as “deceived”, not better informed. They would come up with statements like “CAIR is run by a Progressive Muslim”. This “Progressive Muslim” is none other than Nihad Awad, an Hamas member! And so it went.

When you ask if they’ve read the Qur’an and the Sunna, usually the answer is no. But they still have strong opinions on what Islam is, and how we should deal with it.

I was finally kicked off the blog for “causing disunity”. Evidently “unity” is preferred to truth: comfort in deception and ignorance.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

GOP Presidential Debates 22 Sept 2011

Romney won the debate, and was the sharpest and the most agile. Perry seemed to stumble and be uncertain. Ron Paul got a lot of applause but his foreign policy positions are bizarre.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fair Share?

The President has proposed to drain another 1.5 Trillion dollars out of the economy. He thinks this is a path to recovery?   Economics 101:

  • Taxes take money from the productive private sector and place it in the non-productive public sector.
  • The Public Sector, by definition can spend 120% of every dollar it takes in, (called the “Federal Drunken Sailor Management and Budgeting” or FDSMB).
  • Any “public sector jobs” created are actually contractive to the economy!  Public Sector jobs need continual government outlays to keep them going, which means a continual drain on the private sector, or a continuation of monetary expansion, (ie, government printing presses). Either way, it’s bad for the economy!

Comments: If the Congress is going to run deficits as a result of their FSDMB, the public has no “solemn responsibility to pay their Fair Share” to make up the deficits  The solemn responsibility of the public is to throw the rascals out and replace them with responsible representatives.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Analysis of the Jobs Plan

The President wants to repair schools, and give grants to states to prevent public sector layoffs.  But:

  • Public sector jobs require constant government spending, which is detrimental to job creation
  • Public Sector spending repairing schools will take months and years to make any difference
  • Obviously, all the President is looking for is to be able to say “Republicans hurt children” if they vote against his boondoggle.

The President’s plan will be paid for by eliminating the tax deduction on Mortgages, increase in taxes on “the wealthy” and eliminating the deductibility of charitable contributions.  Think of the effect!

  • Eliminating Tax deductibility of mortgages will be another mortal blow to the housing sector. And additional taxes on people making over $200,000 a year, who are responsible for 1/3 of homebuyers, will add to the housing misery! It will destroy thousands of jobs in the Real Estate Industry: brokers, appraisers, construction workers, inspectors, lenders, etc.
  • Additional taxes on the “wealthy” will cripple further small business, who are responsible for 90% of the job creation.
  • Elimination of the Charitable Deduction will wipe out the thousands of charitable foundations and work done by the churches. Cynically, one can see the President’s motives:to drive all welfare to the State! Grow the welfare bureaucracy beyond his wildest dreams!  But understand this: a State bureaucracy consumes 70% of the funds earmarked for “the poor”, whereas, charities like CNEWA only consume 3%!  It’s easy to see how much worse off the needy will be under such a plan!

This is in addition to the recent tripling of Federal regulations on business in the name of “protecting the consumer”.  Bank of America announced the layoff of 30,000 employees owing to burdensome regulations!

  Ahhh, “progressive job creation” at its finest!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama Jobs Program (Failed Stimulus II)

The President’s plan takes resources from the productive private sector of the economy and diverts it to the less productive public sector. He’s emphasizing “schools and teachers” because he wants to hide behind “the children” and accuse the Republicans of hurting them when they vote against the “Failed Stimulus II ” (as they will need to do).

But building schools and grants to states to prevent teacher layoffs is NOT STIMULATIVE!  Government jobs and projects require continual government payments and do not generate sustainable economic growth.

Public sector spending should be subordinated to developing the private sector if “jobs” is the issue.

If the President REALLY wanted to stimulate Jobs, all he would have to do is cut the taxes on offshore earnings, and lift the virtual moratorium on domestic energy development. But that would be “giving tax breaks to evil corporations and the fat cats” and “continuing our addiction to oil, which we at Green Peace are out to stop!”

The only thing we can do to revive the economy is to hold the line until we can change administrations.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Political Correctness

If there were another Islamic Jihad attack, the NY Times would headline “Oh Dear, new man-made disaster stresses Muslims for fear of backlash!” (Not a word about who mounted the attack or even a mention of the lives of Americans lost!)

The sub-articles would be stories of police being deployed around Mosques, and interviews of Imams telling one and all that “Islam doesn’t condone the killing of innocent civilians!” and that “Islam had nothing to do with it! Just more victimized young men shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ “!

Of course, what the Imams are purposefully omitting is this: once the Nation has been invited to Islam (and we were by Osama Bin Laden in November 1998), and if the Nation REFUSES, then no one is “innocent”!

The Obama Administration’s response to the attack would be to hold hearings to investigate the “intelligence failure”, crucify a few scapegoats, and that would be it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The President’s “Jobs Speech” Sept 8, 2011

I listened to the President intently. I also had my laptop in my lap and watched Dick Morris blog as the speech progressed. Couple of things stood out:

· Though the President admitted excessive regulation, he said he wouldn't sacrifice the "safety, health and security of the American people". That's code for no regulatory relief. Mr Goolesby, the President's former economic advisor, in speaking about oil drilling, said " we need drilling, but only 'safe' drilling". More code for no drilling. Just recently:

o The FHCA filed suit against the big banks for $33Bn to recover the bad loans for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (but the bad loan melt down was the fault of the Government! They gutted lending standards in 1995 for a politically correct reason: more minority home ownership).

o The Feds raided Gibson Guitar over the wood they used in making the guitars.

o The NLRB issued a massive blanket demand from all home builders for the employment records for the last two years. It will cost the companies hundreds of thousands of dollars to comply! It's a witch hunt instigated by Unions because home builders use non-union subcontractors.

o The NLRB shut down a new Boeing Factory in North Carolina at the behest of the Unions in Seattle, alleging the company was "fleeing their union contract".

o The Feds just established the "consumer protection agency", which means another layer of reporting for all businesses, along with OSHA, IRS, FDA, FCC, FTC, DOT, FAA and EPA, to say nothing of the State equivalents of these agencies.

o I have heard that Federal Regulation has TRIPLED in the last couple of years!! Can you imagine? Is it any wonder the economy is stagnating?

· The President talked about infrastructure. But I thought that's what he started two years ago! What happened? Even so, most projects are done with limited numbers of people. A construction crew descends on a community for a few weeks or months. They depart leaving a fresh bridge or a stretch of repaved highway. Immediately, the economic activity dwindles to its previous level of stagnation, because nothing has changed significantly in the local economy.

· Then we can imagine someone trying to start a business in the town, but the Democratic City Government badgers and harasses them over licenses and permits, and the local bank won't give them a loan because they don't have five years worth of Financial Statements, required by Federal Banking supervisory agencies.

· The Government always talks about "Business Government Investment Partnerships" to enable "growth and innovation". But think of this: Venture Capitalists, techies in their own right who study the stuff 18 hours a day, maybe can hit one in 10 or 20. What do you think will be the success rate of a political hack who decides on the basis of political correctness and the size of the contribution to his re-election fund? Note also the solar panel factories funded by the Stimulus two years ago have recently all gone under, the jobs moving to China.

· Repairing schools and paying teachers doesn't necessarily mean good schools, especially if the expectations and standards are in the toilet as they are now, dwelling as they do on social engineering and political indoctrination instead of usable skills for the children. Charter schools with local control and vouchers are a better way to improve schools. The strangle hold of the Teacher's Unions needs to be broken. "One Size Fits All" dictates from the Department Of Education should be eliminated.

Time for a change

Sunday, September 4, 2011


There are two aspects to contend with in the “Counter-Jihad “ effort: accusations of “Islamophobia”, “bigotry” and “Hater”, and academic rank-pulling. This latter phenomenon is why the Muslims have thoroughly co-opted academia.

First: the accusations.

“Islamophobia”: sounds like “homophobia”, a phony word conjured by British Muslims in the 1980’s. They are trying to imply that concern for Islam is irrational bigotry.

But the only real bigotry is by the Muslims for the Jews! When you consider that Islam is a vicious totalitarian political doctrine that butchers and enslaves non-believers, that brutalizes women, that has killed 270 million people in Jihad, that would roll mankind’s standard of living back to the seventh century, then you realize we have a very rational reason to be concerned about Islam!

Next: the academic “rank-pulling”

PhD’s believe they are special: above the hoi polloi, smarter than you and me. When I, as a “greasy Islamophobe” point out the vicious Suras in the Qur’an to a Professor, he will go to his fellow colleague who is on the staff in the Department of Islamic Studies. He will ask this colleague “what about this Q9:5, the ‘Aya Saif’” (the Verse of the Sword)?  The Muslim colleague will tell the Professor one or more of the following:

  • It doesn’t really mean what it says, and since I don’t speak Classical Arabic (as he does) I couldn’t possibly interpret the verses correctly.
  • It’s an ‘old-time’ verse no one believes anymore

Who will the Professor believe?  Me, the “greasy Islamophobe” or his colleague with the Doctorate from al –Azhar University?  The Professor can’t doubt his fellow PhD without discrediting his own academic authority.

But what the Professor can’t grasp is that the Islamic Studies Departments throughout the United States are funded by the Wahhabis Saudis.  They hire the staff and approve the Curricula! At best, these Departments teach half truths about Islam: no Dhimmitude, no Jihad, no Medinan Suras, and no mention of the 270 millions killed!  Thus, owing to academic intimidation, these Muslim academics suppress knowledge of the true nature of Islamic Doctrine!


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