Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jobs and the Economy

It’s amusing to see the Fed and the Administration thrash around, talking about “doing all they can to create jobs”.  What nonsense!

  • First, tinkering with the monetary policy cannot undo the bad fiscal policy of the Marxists in the White House.
  • Housing recovery is linked to a jobs recovery. Jobs aren’t going to recover until: they lower taxes, lift the regulatory burden and the threat of the crushing health care mandates that are in place.
  • Currently, the administration tinkers with mortgage rates, measly  tax breaks for hiring and other band-aid measures. Good luck. But I think this is all beside the point.

The real goal of the Administration is to create a health care dependency of every man, woman and child on the Federal Government. This will pave the way to the Marxist Socialist States of America (SSA) they are working to establish in the United States! 

It is clear they realize they are ruining the economy. But in their eyes, it’s only the “breaking of eggs to make the omelet of Socialism” and they are willing to pay the price. The Marxists are convinced a subsequent Republican Administration will NOT BE ABLE TO UNDO their first-step toehold into the Marxist SSA. And eventually, they will be able to come back and continue with more steps.

Speaking of housing, this manufactured “crisis” may in reality be a  paving of the way to a Federal take over of housing in America!  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac holding title to thousands of homes could be the harbinger of a “National Housing Authority” that would eventually own everything.

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