Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friendly Atheists?

Arguing with atheists about the existence of God is like arguing with a blind man about the beauty of a sunrise and sunset.

What amazes me is how angry the atheists become! As if believers were some sort of threat. The reality is, that faith is something that just happens to you. It’s nothing that you study and decide upon.  It is a personal relationship with God and the way He reveals himself to you.

The difficulty atheists have is coming up with a moral system without reference to our Christian traditions. The “isms” of the 20th Century demonstrate that reason is not necessarily moral. Both secular utopian schemes felt the rational need to “purify” their body politic and murder millions of people: one owing to ethnicity, the other owing to economic class. But the piles of bodies looked pretty much the same.

Another thing the atheists don’t get is how deeply our Western Civilization has been affected by Christianity and its values. Rational thought, critical thinking, scientific progress, the idea that elected officials are servants of the people and should be honest are all concepts indebted to Christianity, and the atheists know it not.

If the Atheists take over society, are they going to “purify” society by killing millions of believers ?   But they just said “more people have been killed in the name of religion than anything else”? The hypocrisy becomes clear.

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