Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Most who are opposed to the current administration are counting the days to the next election. But what if there were no elections?

When hard Left ideologues grasp the levers of power, they are not likely to relinquish them in obedience to mere Constitutional niceties. It is not hard to imagine their determination to retain power and pursue their agenda at all costs!

There is historical precedent for other democracies being ended in similar situations. The technique is for the party in power to manufacture a “crisis” and then “solve” it by garnering more power “until the crisis is past”.  They assure one and all such a move is “only temporary”. 

When you read the Soviet Constitution, it has all the personal liberties and civil rights as the US Constitution. But these provisions were suspended “temporarily” in 1917 during the war. They were never reinstituted for the entire 80 years of the Soviet regime.

Then of course there was Hitler’s “Enabling Act” in 1933, which paved the way to the blood bath of World War II.

Thus, it is not hard to imagine some sort of “crisis” that would trigger Marshal Law and a suspension of elections, “temporarily” or course. Maybe a Terrorist nuclear attack on a US City?  Carter appealed to the Russians for help in the elections of 1980. Maybe the administration would help arrange such an attack with the Jihad groups? They certainly have enough Muslim Brotherhood operatives advising in the White House.

Another piece of the puzzle: Army units home from Iraq are being deployed in the US for the purpose of “helping local officials in case of civil disorder”.  Maybe the “disorder” the Administration is preparing for is the reaction to their coming seizure of power and the termination of our form of government?

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