Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Disaster in Afghanistan

The recent loss of a CH 47D with 30 Special Ops troops was the State Department’s revenge on the military for their success in getting Osama Bin Laden!
It’s not hard to imagine the State Department admonishing the military that from now on “you will notify our Pakistani allies of any operations! We cannot jeopardize our relations with them!”
The absurdity that the Pakistanis would ever be our true allies, helping a Kafir nation kill their fellow Muslim  Jihadi co-religionists, seems to be totally lost on the US Government. “We don’t do the religious thing” they will say.  Is it any wonder the security of the mission was compromised and a Taliban ambush awaited the assault force?
The essence of this conflict is Islamic Jihad, which is religiously motivated. Our intentional neglect of this point renders us blind and impotent. It is also a violation of the oath to defend the Constitution and criminal  negligence in what Intelligence and Defense Professionals have an obligation to “know or should have known”. 
Yet, this intentional and willful blindness starts from the very top: the “Muslim community advisors” present at every level of decision making, are from Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Owing to Political Correctness, we are allowing these advisors to intentionally mislead us. And we are reaping the results in defeat and disaster.  Admiral Mullins, right after the Ft Hood shooting, remarked that the main goal of the Armed Services was “diversity”. Gee, Admiral, what happened to defending the American People and defending  the Constitution?

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