Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chevrolet Volt

So far, they’ve only sold 3500 of them. Yet, at the order of the Government, GM is ramping up for a production of 16,000 in 2012!   Who are they going to sell them to?

Understand, these are shitty little electric cars, and they cost $40,000! (They actually cost $173,000, but Government Motors knows it’ll never sell for that price, so the Government is eating the difference!)

This is your typical Socialist corporate Statist project! They have big government, big labor, big business all sit around a table and decide how to divvy up the pot and screw the taxpayers and destroy capital!  All in the name of “green jobs” and “save the earth”.  What a crock!

It needs to be shut down, dismantled, and the persons responsible locked up!

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