Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachman vs. Perry

My guess is that once the Democratic “Opposition Research” gets a hold of Perry, he will be dead meat. With his "Texas Crony Capitalism” and having been in office for  eleven years, they are going to find tons of stuff!

Of course, if they find anything juicy, they will wait until a crucial time just before the election to reveal it.  Correlations between State contracts and campaign contributions, hidden girlfriends, etc. Even false accusations at the right time can do the job. You have false headlines for several days, and publish the withdrawal and apology on page 40 two days after Perry’s lost the election.

As for Michelle Bachman, the  Democratic'”Opposition Research” has already done what it can to trash her and ruin her re-election prospects. Yet the dirt digging gnomes seem to have failed.  Pelosi targeted her specifically last time around, yet Bachman survived. That is an achievement!

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