Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vision for America

The traditional American values that have made America exceptional is the concept of “inalienable rights granted by our creator”, something scorned by the Progressives (another name for Marxist-Leninists who have changed their name hoping to shed responsibility for the hundred million bodies of the 20th Century).

The critical tipping point will be Obama-Care. The Progressives must re-elect Obama such that Obama-Care can take root. Then, every individual in America will be dependent on the Federal Government. No more limited government of the people, by the people, and for the people: but a people subject to and DEPENDENT upon an ever-growing dominance from Washington DC.

American exceptionalism would not survive, but be extinguished by the heavy hand of taxation and  regulation by a Nanny State who “knows best how you should live your life”.

Jefferson said our form of Government only works for a religious and moral people. This is precisely why the Progressives are working  diligently to destroy the family, moral values and the Church in our society. The Progressives want to pave the way for the “New Socialist citizen”.

They don’t want strong families raising educated children who are self-reliant critical thinkers. They want the utterly dependent semi-literate welfare single moms living in the Projects, scraping by from one welfare check to the next. They want the gangs of fatherless young men who can be harnessed into the armed  “Obama Civil Defense Corps” who will look to Obama as their father-figure in the same way the Soviet Young Pioneers looked to their “Uncle Joe” in the 1950’s.

Naturally, all Socialist Utopias have to be “purified of undesirables”. The purges, mass arrests and death camps will certainly follow.

Another thing: the wealth the Progressives take for granted will disappear. Poverty and starvation will spread across the land, turning America into a third world country: that is, a “Socialist Paradise”. It will be the Party hacks who live in excess in the confiscated big houses surrounded by a sea of misery.

One big difference: anyone reporting on this hypocrisy will be labeled a “social deviationist” and disappear.

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