Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Satanic Operations, July 12, 2011

To the secularists and Christian Scientists, Satan does not exist. Thus, he has a field day with these people! He likes nothing better than when people say “Satan is unreal and the problem is you!”

Here’s the way it works (on a man): you’re on a church committee or at a business in the presence of other women. Out of the blue, you find yourself attracted to a woman on the committee, at work or whatever. If it turns out to be a “two way street” and this woman reciprocates, you find yourself in a full blown extra-marital affair that destroys two families: hers and yours! Satan and his minions are shrieking with laughter and “high-fiving” one another over their success !

The key here is to understand that the first thoughts of attraction are NOT YOUR OWN, but planted by Satan!  This happens throughout our society at every walk of life: from the VP of Focus on the Family caught screwing one of the other staff members, or John Edwards having a child with a staff member of his Election campaign! Christian Pastors and organizations are especially targeted! The aforementioned Focus on the Family debacle made national headlines! The World loves to smear the Church and the body of Christ and delights in discovering “hypocrisy”.

But it’s a mistake to think such people are “weak” and “fallen”: they have been picked off!

The key to defending against such intrusions is to recognize them immediately for what they are and from whom they have come. Unmask these thoughts and they are 90% disarmed. Daily prayer and meditation, invoking the Holy Spirit to reveal Satan’s designs on you and your family and friends is a must!

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