Sunday, July 10, 2011

Economic Recovery? National Survival?

The right course of action to recover the economy has seldom been so obvious! Yet the Progressive ideological impediment to recovery glares to the forefront! Let us examine them!

  1. An energy policy that would develop domestic energy resources! It would create thousands of jobs, decrease our dependence on Middle Eastern oil from hostile countries and help defund the Jihad against us.  Yet the Progressives whine such a policy would “prolong our dependence on oil and harm the environment”!  Secretary of Energy Salazar is busily cancelling permits in every corner of the country, crippling our production on every front! Yet the Obama Administration funds offshore drilling off Brazil! Progressives also want to continue to further the Jihadist aim of increased reliance on Saudi and Qatar oil so they may fund Jihad!
  2. Repeal Obama-Care! The expense and penalties for businesses casts a chill on hiring like nothing else! In spite of what Mme. Pelosi said, the Health Care bill has NOT been simulative. Yet the Progressives howl “You’re throwing Grandma under the bus”.  They fail to mention the whole enterprise will be bankrupt for everyone if nothing is done!
  3. Eliminate the mountains of rules and regulations on businesses. Shut down entire agencies, such as the EPA, the Dept of Education, OSHA, the FTC and others. Most of these agencies have duplicative functions and no real goal except to self-perpetuate.  They strive garner and own tax revenue, yet mandate responsibility and blame on someone else, (usually business)! But all you hear from the Progressives is how the Agencies “protect the public from evil greedy businesses”. They fail to mention that the Public Sector bureaucrats can be as evil, greedy and heartless as any business! Look at how the EPA has deprived the San Joaquin valley farmers of water, turning the Nation’s most productive farmland into a wasteland!
  4. Stop interfering in the housing market. Cease using housing policy for “Social Engineering”, such as minority housing, which was the key element in the housing melt down in the first place. A key goal of Progressives (Marxist Leninists in all but name) is to turn ALL housing into Government Housing! Then they will be in a position to staff vast housing bureaucracies and shake down the public to garner favorable treatment for better apartments, etc. You want to move up on the three year wait for a bigger apartment? Well, a $2000 contribution to Representative De Gette’s campaign will move you up 6 months!
  5. Eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and hold lenders responsible for the loans they make.  Only in this way will the back log of foreclosures and unsold homes begin to clear! Unless the Progressives can use these Agencies to destroy the housing market, they will never be able to nationalize Housing!
  6. Withdraw our military forces from the Middle East and deploy them on our Southern Border. Rethink our strategy to that of “Fighting Islamic Jihad” not an ill-defined “violent extremism”. This means our allies should be India and Japan, not Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The Progressives WANT us to waste our blood and treasure on unwinnable wars in the same way a Matador weakens a bull with the picadors, and for the same reason: to weaken us for the kill.

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