Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Counter-Jihad and the Norway Carnage

The Left is trying to blame the carnage in Norway on the Counter-Jihadists “stirring up hatred and Islamophobia”, CAUSING the mass-murder! But this doesn’t follow when one thinks it through.

For one thing, Muslims were NOT the targets of the attack. For another, let us define “Islamophobia”. The word sounds like “homophobia”, implying that concern for Islam is irrational bigotry. But Islam is a vicious totalitarian political ideology that enslaves women, has killed 270 million people and would roll mankind back to the Seventh Century. Mankind has EXCELLENT reasons to be concerned about Islam!  Nothing irrational here!

But drilling deeper into the Theology, “Islamophobia” is a word for their concept of “Fitna”, the tumult and disturbance caused by non-Muslims resisting the Islamization process!  But resisting the destruction of our society by Islam is what we need to do if we wish to preserve our liberties and our prosperity.

The foundational plank of the Counter-Jihad  Movement is for Western Society to become familiar with the reality of Islamic Doctrine.  Once aware of the enslavement and butchery of non-Muslims called for by Qur’anic Doctrine, our hope is that the survival instinct of Western Civilization will kick in, and the political will to resist Islamization will develop.

Right now, by ignorantly accommodating Muslim “religious” demands, we are in fact surrendering our liberties and our culture slice by slice.  Each demand eliminates our culture and insinuates theirs. I can provide dozens of examples.

Resisting Muslim “Religious” demands, such as for prayer rooms, foot washing stations, halal foods in public schools, is not religious discrimination, as the Muslims imply. Islamic Doctrine allows for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to pray later, wash later, or whatever they need to do. Allah is kind and merciful.

The demands are, in fact,a subtle strategy of forcing us to submit to the Shari’ah Law, bit by bit.  Awakening the public to this Islamic strategy is not “stirring up hatred” against Muslims: it is defending our culture. Period!

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