Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Attack on the American Family

Have you ever stopped to consider the following:

  • why the Media concentrates on Sex as no more than “scratching an itch”
  • Why the NEA shows porn movies to the middle school kids under the guise of “sex education” and then passes out condoms? Basically, a “Go forth and fornicate with our blessing!” (And if you tell a pubescent 14 year old boy with a permanent erection that screwing is OK, you don’t have to tell him twice! “Aw c’mon! Everyone’s doing it! Are you some sorta prude?”)
  • Why Parents are barred from schools at this level? (we don’t want parental influence interfering with our agenda).

The reason is, the Left wants to build their “socialist man” to inhabit the “New World Order” they have in mind. They don’t want healthy kids with a sense of values getting an education, being critical thinkers, having happy stable families as young adults! They want something else!

They want semi-educated welfare moms inhabiting the projects, living from one welfare check to the next! They want gangs of fatherless violent young men who can be enlisted into the “Civilian Defense Corps” to become their “enforcers”.

The Progressives consider the destruction of the black family as “mission accomplished”. Now, they are starting on the whites and are  right on track!

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