Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gay Marriage

The standard secular view is that this “preference” is benign and a “personal choice”, yet fails to look at the societal consequences.

The Church teaches that marriage is between a man and woman. The fructification of this Holy Matrimony is children, with the loving father and mother mirroring the sacramental archetype of the Holy Trinity, the Father, son and the Holy Spirit.

But “short circuiting” the sacramental nature of marriage with contraception, degrades marriage to a a serial mutual sexual gratification contract. And if sexual gratification is the main object, (and not children as intended), why limit marriage to a man and a woman?

This is the impetus of same sex marriage. The partners only wish to cash in on the marriage benefits that society has historically bestowed on married couples in exchange for raising the next generation of upstanding tax-paying citizens. But what benefits does society glean from childless sexual gratification contracts( other than divorce attorneys cashing in on same-sex divorces!)

And if sexual gratification remains the central reason for “marriage”, why limit it to other human beings? Why not sheep and goats? One can see the tangled mess the issue quickly becomes!

The Biblical proscription against homosexuality is there for a reason. It’s been in place for 4000 years, minimum. Today’s ephemeral progressives think they can overturn this four millennia of Judeo-Christian heritage by pressuring a legislature or two to pass laws “making homosexuality OK.” But is it really OK? Does the name “Sodom and Gomorra” ring a bell with anyone anymore?

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