Monday, May 30, 2011

Open Message to Dr. Ron Paul

If you think the United States has caused Jihad owing to “it’s policies of interference”, you are buying into the Muslim Brotherhood’s false narrative of “blame the victim”.  In reality, the Muslims have been waging Jihad against “The Kuffar” (us hated non-belivers) for 1400 years!

And if you think we “shouldn’t wage war except on Nation-States”, you are leaving us vulnerable to stateless Jihad groups such as Al Qaeda, Jamaa’t al Islamiyya, and dozens of others. Considering the possibility of these groups getting their hands on nuclear weapons, do not delude yourself into believing they could not do our nation damage.

True, these groups need State sponsors, such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. But are you willing to go after these countries with military force?

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